Culture: Dilapidated Columns & A Walk In The Cold

Mika and I on our way to the Columns
On a wet and windy winter day, Adam and I took the Hampton-Matthews family dog, Mika, on a much needed walk in the local National Trust site, Gibside.

Whilst not raining when we set out, I popped my wellington boots on for good measure, and to navigate all the mud left from the typical winter, British weather and all it brings. A thick winter coat and a big brown scarf, wrapped me up nicely from the cold breeze that was in the air.

Adam brought his camera along with us, to capture Mika and her wagging tail as she bounced through the trees and skipped along the path ways (She does that when she's happy.)

Wellington boots were essential! 
From time to time throughout our walk through the historical structures and green fields, I took the camera to take a few snaps, as is clearly demonstrated with the above snap of my wellies in the mud.

Textures, colours, nature and Adam's bright orange hat made the cut as subjects of my point and shoot photography. The light was brill for the time we were there, as was the weather and I'm quite pleased with how some of the photos turned out, not bad for a beginner!

Something clearly captured Mika's attention

Mika had a great little explore and adventure, stopping and sniffing anything and everything possible, soaking up the culture, plants and animals, especially enjoying hopping up and down the stairs to the columns and the chapel.

Having a little wander through history
It's always really interesting, wandering around Gibside, Tyne and Wear. Each time I go, I learn something new about the history, culture and heritage of the site. This time we got a really good look around the columns, the dilapidated bricks and structures and the stunning views from the iron fencing, facing the hills.

The dilapidated arches and historical columns
Whilst we were at the columns, we got chatting to a lovely couple, who were telling Adam and I all about how over the years, they've visited countless, National Trust, cultural and heritage sites and locations, yet have never absorbed all the beauty and information of those places, until now, in their retirement, where they're re-tracing their steps and revisiting places they've been before to learn and appreciate their surroundings and histories of the places they visit.

Once we'd parted ways, Adam and I walked ahead with Mika in tow, discussing at length how important it is to make the most out of our time, enjoy and experience our passions and always be constantly learning, be open minded and be willing to do it all again some day, to fill the 'Long retirement days' the couple spoke of. We wish them well and hope they visit everywhere they want to during their retirement, I wish I'd have got their names, they were a lovely couple.

Smiling like Gromit!
On our way out of the columns I stopped for a few photos, even if Mika wanted to run off and max out the lead! She'd seen another dog and was off! To the uneven, stoney and leafy pathway, with exposed tree roots and lots of areas to forage, a dream for a dog!

Leaves, mud and good wellies!

Keeping warm with my thick wooden coat and my leather gloves

Polka dots and leaves
It was such a lovely walk and a great day, spent soaking up some winter air and spending some quality time with Adam and of course, Mika.

A view from the distance

If you ever get the chance to go, go! It's beautiful, one of my favourite places in the world.

Clo :)

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