Culture: A Festive Walk

Me, Mika and some much needed wellies!

Over the festive period, I took some time out to stretch my legs and clear my head, chill out with loved ones whilst getting outdoors. The family dog, Mika was in need of a walk and with beautiful scenery just a few minutes walk away, Adam and I thought we'd get some fresh air and take the dog for a nice long walk, burn off some energy and enjoy the festive colours, plants and decorations on display.

Sniffin' about
This lovely scenery was so pretty, we couldn't resist taking some photographs for our family album. Mika, who is not the most well behaved dog, isn't one for photographs, she's too busy out and about, exploring her serene surroundings and soaking up all the thinks she can play with, sniff and roll in!

Unique festive decorations by National Trust

That said, she didn't care much for the lovely red decorations that adorned the National Trust trees, however, she did have a big, long bark at the twig reindeer with a big red bow on the way into the parkland.

I however, quite liked the simplistic, wool decorations, kind of like pom-poms. The trees even had tags from local families sharing their festive plans and festive wishes, a lovely community touch to a community space.

Festive decorations and family tree tags!

We walked up and down the tree lanes, in-between the flower beds, the trees and plants and the wheelbarrows. Mika, happily wandered through the clearly cut grass strips, onto the bark, soil and tarpaulins. Sometimes I wondered if I was walking her or if she was walking me!

Going up and down the rows of trees
Adam happily snapped away with his camera, capturing our little moments and the park around us.
Such a small, almost insignificant task, walking the dog, that he made beautiful and personal and even festive through the eye of his lens.

Out of focus
These photos really warm my heart. They're so casual, some candid, so full of colour and life, I'm so lucky to have someone who can capture a moment in time so well. I thoroughly enjoyed my walk (Or Mika's walk!)

Shortly after having these photographs taken we retired for a lazy afternoon of leftover pies, lemon cake and hot cups of tea, sprawled across the sofa watching old film re-runs.

Enjoying the warmth in the cold

What a lovely day it was, a typical lounge-around day over the holiday period, but a wonderful walk that perhaps we should endeavour to go on more often than just around festive times of the year. It's good for the heart, and for the soul.

Clo :)

Photographs in this post were taken by Adam, on a Canon E0S 550D

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