Fashion: Camden Town Vintage

Vintage brights on tops, tank tops and t-shirts.

After last weeks chat about clothing consumption, fashion consumption and basically having loads of stuff. I've made the commitment going forward to source some of my clothes from second hand sources and buy less brand new, clothing wise.

Rack upon racks of vintage clothing from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

When I made the decision to buy less new stuff, I started to consider where I could source my clothes from and how going forward. Vintage markets, flea markets, second hand stores, charity shops and vintage stores and online. Those were my starting points.

Deep purples, plum and pink trousers. A selection of style statement colours.

Due to the nature of vintage and second hand clothing, I prefer to shop in store, face to face to gage the size, true colours and style of second hand pieces and as you need plenty of time on your hands when riffling through vintage and retro loot, I like having lots of similar shops selling what I'm after in one location. All this combined made me think of a recent trip to Camden and the huge amount of choice that was on offer, that's how I like to shop; a destination with lots of different vintage and second hand options.

These aren't real furs. I don't believe in the practise, process or wearing of real fur.

Camden town is a real case of bright lights (or colours) in the big city. Full of second hand and vintage treasures, Camden is a beacon for individuals looking to create their own looks, styles and re-invent trends. Between markets, pop ups, the high street and events, it has a thriving youth scene and houses many fashionistas and their favourite new and second hand clothing stores.

Vintage vibes in Rokit, Camden Highstreet, a great vintage clothing store.

Whenever I've been to the shops and markets in Camden, I've walked away with some real treasures, as additional pieces for my wardrobe, a top here, a dungaree dress there, bits and bobs. But I haven't ever bought a whole look from vintage thrifting, but I think that's part of the fun of both vintage and current fashion; you can mix and match it, wear old with new, high and low designers and mix eras to create your present look.

Where would we be without a 90s's sweatshirt!? A fashion fad that keeps coming around.

Fashion is fun and fundamentally I still want to have fun with fashion, as well as helping to save and preserve the planet and prevent people's old trends, styles and outputs such as clothing and accessories going to landfall, or being recycled when there's life left in the garment.

Go green by adding vintage into your wardrobe and prolong a garments lifecycle. 
Whilst in Camden I've discovered some real unusual second hand treasures, unique prints and patterns, interesting textures and colours, a real treat for a fashion student, who's captivated by clothing. Vintage is a real source of so much inspiration and I always find I get more ideas from vintage that brand new, current clothing.

I'm spying double, triple, quadruple denim over here! 

As well as unusual, one off pieces you'll also find the typical modern vintage and retro items that have entered popular culture in the past few years: Flannel, denim and camo / camouflage.

Another staple of modern vintage, a flannel shirt. A genderless item that's so easy to style. Perfect for a casual look.

50 shades of denim from the 50's and beyond.

So if you love vintage, or haven't been to Camden before, get down there! Go after 12pm as many of the stalls and stores don't open until late morning and take a camera for the street art. Also, if you go around lunch time, check out their amazing street food for pretty much every dietary requirement under the sun! It's incredible!

Clo :)

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