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Adam on a recent train trip


I never really truly appreciated mens style until I met Adam. I'd admired mens fashion from afar, appreciated the many men at Fashion Week and London Men's Collections and eagerly watched the updates on the WGSN style pages, I liked looking at how people put their clothes together and how they wore what they wore, It was never about the labels or designer clothes they were wearing. It was all about the personality wearing the clothes.

Then I met Adam, a dapper man in his early 20's (Back then anyway!) living in the city with a professional job. Polished, dressed for any occasion, all the time. The first time we met I remember thinking 'He dresses better than I do' and since that moment he sets the sartorial bar.

All in the detail: watch and scarf

As our relationship has developed, I've learnt more and more about how men choose their clothes, It's no longer women who tailor pick their clothes to express themselves. It's an important and overlooked area of a modern mans life and is in no way vain, self absorbed or self important, It's so refreshing to meet a man who cares about his appearance.

Waiting for the train

Adam is a shirt kind-a guy, no matter the occasion, he'll opt for a shirt over a t-shirt, unless we're just running errands, it's what he's comfortable in and he finds that he is able to be more relaxed and himself if he feels comfortable and confident in his clothes. It's great to watch him put clothes together, then select accessories that create the whole look. He's very quick at it too.

Side by side, sartorial similarities

People often say that couples have a common visual stylistic thread. I see similarities, but I'm still very much on my style journey to discover my 'Look' Adam is so fortunate to have already found his, I envy him. But on the positive side, It makes him easy to buy gifts for.

Quality over quantity, classic styling over trends

Recently, for Christmas Adam's grandmother bought him the most beautiful men's scarf. Thin, blue striped a real winter gem. A gift that slides right into his wardrobe, it's functional and a need rather than a want. A classic, timeless quality piece that will last more than a few colder seasons.

Dezeen watch, glasses standard prescription supersavers rims 

Adam always opts for quality over quantity, enjoying both mid market brands, independent brands and the occasional basic high street piece. Vintage jumpers and retro band t-shirts also feature in his weekend and super casual arsenal, a contrast to his 9-5 Monday to Friday look, but once again reflects his hobbies and interests.

A hot drink for the journey

Fortunately, working in Architecture allows the creative flair to flow through the wardrobe. Whilst staying professional, Adam doesn't ever loose his personality. I see that through the coloured laces in his shoes, his watch collection, his very jazzy socks peaking from under his turned up and rolled trousers and his latest love, a vintage full size umbrella.

A smile to sign off with

It's a pleasure to watch someone not in the fashion industry to take pride in what they wear.

For me, he's a constant inspiration and style reference when I'm at work and hey, I even get to borrow a few of his pieces for my own use from time to time, perhaps that's a post for another day.

Clo :)

For more information on Adam and his interests, see his blog here.

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