Fashion: My Consumption Problem

Hello I’m Clo and I’m pretty sure I have a clothing consumption problem.

A small part of my wardrobe

Consumption Self Discovery

I’m doing my dissertation on Sustainability In The Fast Fashion Supply Chain and with that comes a lot of reading, research and surveys which have unearthed some shocking facts about consumption, fashion and the future. We’re not being as careful or as cautious as we should be and without preaching to you all, we can all make changes to impact the environment and the people and processes used to create clothes and again at the end of the clothing lifecycle: recycle our clothes.

How many pairs of blue jeans do I actually need?

With all this research I’ve come to the realisation that I have a problem buying clothes and I’m also the consumer that needs to be more educated with their clothing purchases. Whilst I’m a die hard H&M conscious recycler, donate my textiles and never simply throw textiles into the bin. I purchase a lot more than I need. I’ve worked for H&M for over 18 months and in that time, I can safely say I’ve doubled my wardrobe. H&M really look after me as an employee and my discount often overrules whether or not I actually need the item I’m buying, especially in sale season. That is no excuse and I'm kicking my buying habit, not completely, but significantly.

Seeing blue in my shirt / sweater section of my wardrobe

I’m passionate about sustainability and who, how and where our clothes are made and because of that I’m aiming to cut back on the clothing, shoes and accessories as well as textiles I buy in an effort to consume less, use the clothes I have more and be me more creative with what I have in terms of adapting to trends, seasonal colours and occasions.

My Fashion Consumption

I really was shocked when I sat back and was very candid with myself about my clothing habits. Working for H&M I don’t notice the money going out of my bank account on a regular basis for items that I’ve bought online and in-store because it has become a bit of a habit, working in beautiful stores, with trendy clothes and stylistic ideals visible to me on a pretty much daily basis. 

Belt selection - perhaps re-styling my clothes will help me cut down on buying new clothes

It’s going to be a challenge to cut down on my consumption. Considering most people buy clothes every couple of months and here’s me buying a fair few items every couple of weeks. I am a nightmare. I am a bad consumer. Everyone else can cope with a minimalistic wardrobe, why can’t I ?and why do I have all these clothes buy nothing to bloody wear!? I’m not going to go cold turkey, after all, I do work and study fashion, so it’s kinda my job, but it’s no excuse!

Tops, polos, jumpers and shirts, well a few of them anyway

Plan Of Action

I’m going to limit myself and my credit card to only buying items that go with 5 other items in my wardrobe to create 5 wearable looks and outfits, that way I’ll be getting the best use and regular wear out of my garment.

Since starting the research on my dissertation I’ve become conscious of the materials made into clothing and the processes and people involved in the making clothes, with this in mind I’m now only shopping with brands and producers that are sustainable, or ethical or eco friendly and I can’t wait to bring you along my both investigative and enlightening journey into the other side of fashion. 'Green Fashion' that shouldn't be green, it should be universal.

I’m just glad H&M are taking steps towards a more sustainable future, thank goodness I don’t have to change jobs because of my beliefs!

Long live fashion and long live our planet!

Clo :)

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