Food: Breakfast At Princi Bakery, Soho

Breakfast for 2


After discussing food for the next day (obviously) in bed (again, obviously) in the St Giles Hotel, just a stones throw away from Soho, Adam and I decided that we'd head to The Breakfast Club in their soho branch. 

The following morning, to our horror, there was a queue, an hour long, on a Monday. I repeat, the horror. Adam had banked on his pancake fix. So with heavy hearts and rumbling tummies we headed back to a bakery that we'd past, that we said one day we'd go in for coffee, today was that day.

Inside Princi 

Princi Bakery

We saw Princi bakery the previous evening, when they were serving deliciously looking pizza, whilst we ate in Busuba over the road (delicious, experimental, sweet potato chips to die for!) but Princi is one of those round the clock places that serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Specialising in Italian food and making everything from scratch. I like that. 

It's a bakery with a dining area to the left, and a stand or sit, chilled eating and drinking area for coffee with friends, lunch stood up and prepping for a meeting or a spot of blogging to the right and the fresh goods bang in the middle.

We weren't too sure how it worked, did we seat ourselves? Or did we order at the counter? It was all rather unclear and eventually we were seated by a lovely lady from the bakery counter, who informed us our waiter would be over shortly.

The Princi menu

Settling in for breakfast!

What We Ordered 

I ordered poached eggs on sourdough, with avocado (my fav, major New Zealand flashbacks) and Adam went for the scrambled eggs, again on sourdough with baby watercress. 

For our cheeky, second breakfast we choice from their vast array of fresh, baked in store pastries they had on the huge counter that stretched the whole length of the store. For me it had to be a pain au chocolate and for Adam, a giant plain butter croissant. 

For drinks we choice water for the table and black Americano coffee. 

The pizza prep area

Our food, waiting for collection


Firstly, the water didn't arrive, so Adam was without a drink. Not impressed. My coffee was STRONG.I should have known better, of course it was strong, it's Italian! Great if you're into dark, heavy coffee, not great for me and my bad stomach. And as a result needed water, that never did arrive.

The breakfast view

Our food arriving was a bit of a faff and took longer than it should have. Our food was placed on the counter behind us and we watched it, sat there for a few minutes before someone picked it up and brought it over, less hot than it should have been. Clearly a logistical issue. 

The food was tasty, my eggs were bang on, the avocado a-plenty which was great and considering I have a love hate relationship with sourdough, it was ok. Filled a hole. Adams eggs were very tasty and full of colour, but a small portion that he'd have liked more of. 
(When asked how his watercress was he responded 'Grass') basically, he could have made the same thing at home, without the long wait and with a much bigger portion.

Adam's scrambled eggs

Poached eggs on toast

The pastries however, we couldn't fault, they were delicious! The chocolate in mine was divine and the fluffy plain cossaint was as if it was straight out of France. 

Service & Bill

The service, despite the warm and welcoming greeting from the woman at the counter, was appalling. There was no clear server dedicated to our table, when asked where the water was that didn't arrive, the response was 'It's coming' and the food sat there getting cold until someone could be bothered to bring it to the table. They weren't even busy. No excuses! When I complained when the bill eventually arrived, the server simply replied with 'insert the card' [into the machine]

A lovely looking fruit salad we were eyeing up!

The bill came to £18 for breakfast for two, two pastries and a coffee. Not bad for London really, but Adam would like it noted that the eggs really could be done at home. 

I quite rightly refused the addition of service charge to my bill (12.5%) as it wasn't deserved during our visit. 


The service put a real dampener on a beautiful space with a lovely bakery and cake selection. And the worst part was the server didn't care that we'd had a bad experience! Clearly didn't care about his job and that really disappointed me. 

I would revisit Princi but for a coffee (not an Americano, I've learnt my lesson!) and cake. To sit in rather than dine. I may use it as a stopping point during London Fashion Week, I'll let you know if I do and if the service has improved. Fingers crossed.

Clo :) 

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