Food: A Spot of Lunch In Stratford-upon Avon

My homity pie


With tickets to see William Shakespeare's The Tempest and having arrived a little early to wander around the local, independent stores and markets, Adam and I decided to stop for a spot of lunch in one of the cafes, just off the high street to fill our boots before the two and a half hour performance at The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon.

The Havilands menu

The Cafe

We chose Havilands Because of its simple, classic menu, busy atmosphere and totally delicious looking pasties in their adjoining bakery next door. 

A little chilly, we opted to sit inside for tea before our food. The cafe is a classic, no frills and petite in size, seating no more than 15 people. We chose a lovely little spot in the corner, by the window to watch the world go by. 

The little touches such as the plants and flowers and traditional tea cups adorning and displayed on the wall were a lovely touch to this very much family feeling cafe.

The Havilands menu

What We Ordered

For drinks, I was captivated and totally pre-occupied with the tea pigs menu whilst Adam was ordering a Sicilian lemonade and after much internal debate, I decided to go with the chocolate flake tea, but they were all out of stock! Nooooo dilemma! After further careful consideration I chose the rhubarb and ginger tea pigs tea, which I must say, was delicious.

The Tea Pigs tea menu

Time for tea!
Warming up from the cold outside

After seeing the pasties and the very inviting looking pastry, we both new we wanted something along those lines. Adam chose the steak and ale pasty with peas and chips and I opted for the homity pie with coleslaw, salad and crisps. I have never heard of a homity pie before - have you guys? It's basically a pastry base with potatoes and onions, seasoned with a little garlic and mixed herbs, then baked with a cheese mound on top. It sounded like my kind of pie!

The Food

My slice of pie arrives!

Yummy goodness

The homity pie? It was heaven in my mouth, totally delicious, a very generous helping and full of delicious, home cooked vegetarian goodness flavour.

Adam's lunch

Take a look at that pastry! 

Thick cut chips

Plenty of meat in the meat pie

Adam loved his (but ruined it my adding mayonnaise, the monster!) and very kindly shared his peas and chips with me in exchange for bites of my cheesy pie. 

It was all served on a rectangular plate, neatly placed and the peas and chips came in separate bowls, ideal for sharing! 

It's so refreshing having a lovely home cooked meal without having to pay the earth for it!

Lunch for two

The Service & Bill 

Both Adam and I enjoyed our little lunch out. A classic British lunch with a smile and at a reasonable price was really needed after the experience we had previously, when dining out in London! 

Eaten clean plates!

The service from the two guys in Haviland was lovely, pleasant and welcoming without being too full on. They served us at our table and made sure we didn't wait too long for anything and also made sure Adam got his mayonnaise!

The teacups

A refreshing experience, showing that independents, though small can be mighty. 

Clo :) 

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