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It's the new year, and so I thought I'd talk you lovely internet friends and blog readers through my 2017 Blogging Goals for the new year that's ahead. It may seem a cliche thing to do, but I really believe in aiming and striving forward to better yourself and achieve the things you want to achieve.
I also like to reflect on the previous year and see what I'm proud of and what I'd like to improve on or try out, going forward.

Looking forward to new adventures!


I feel like writing gets better with practice, like a muscle that needs flexing every once in a while. I, like any other blogger, question my written stuff over and over again, but I've found that I've really improved over the three years I've been blogging. I write for myself in a way that I'd speak my thoughts to a friend. My friends say that when they read my posts, they can hear me in their heads and think that my personality shines through my writing, because of that I'm going to stick to my writing style, just write more often and push myself to write on a more regular basis about things and thoughts that just jump into my head and see where they take me. Be it personal writing, just for me or things I fancy sharing on the World Wide Web I think I'll improve further, the more I do it. 


Being basic with my iPhone photography

I adore beautiful photography, Instagram goodness and really thouroughly thought through story telling content, (Hannah Gale, I'm talking about you.) and beautiful photography is something I've admired for what seems like forever and despite doing a b-tech (lol) in media at college (lol) and having dropped a pretty penny on a fancy ass Nikon camera a fair few years ago that I still can't take of auto, I'm really considering my images more. Perhaps it was my trip to New Zealand that made me think about capturing my life moments a better way than on auto or basic bitch iPhone centre and snap.

I've noticed over the passed year that people prefer it if I'm photographed in the blog post, so they know who's writing the content. People want to see where I'm eating, what I'm wearing, where I'm going. Because, let's face it, we all like having a nose into other people's lives on the Internet. And it's a style of photo that I think would really fit nicely with my blogging style and Hello I'm Clo blog content of culture and lifestyle bits and bobs. 

With that in mind I'm so fortunate to have a fantastic boyfriend (shout out Mr Hampton-Matthews!) who for many years has been photographing bands and just generally taking stunning photographs. I'm bringing him and his Canon along for the ride going forward and any of his stuff will be marked and linked back to his blog, Adam and Architecture

Having my photograph taken makes me nervous, as I am anything but photogenic. I'm awkward, lack lustre but am willing to give it a whirl, especially as the person taking the photos makes me feel so comfortable. He's also going to teach me how to take proper photographs along the way too, what a babe. Love him. 


Creating beautiful content, documenting my adventures

Now, I'll admit that years ago I uploaded shit to YouTube, quite literally, shit. It was experimental, amateur and totally cringe when friends find it and mock me on the Internet. I was about 17 and clearly didn't have a clue, anyway after some pretty savage comments about my eyebrows, I removed my some 200 videos from my channel HelloImClo

Flash forward to 2017 and I am truly passionate about creating videos, not on a regular basis, but beautiful content that I've really put some time and effort into, I've got a particular interest in travel videos, think Claire Marshall style mixed with Ben Brown chill vibes with a Hello I'm Clo spin, that's what I'm thinking. It's a working progress, but I'd like to capture my travels, some good times and some of the incredible opportunities life sees fit to throw at me. It's in the pipeline.

And you never know, when I move back to London I might make it a more regular thing, the sights, the incredible city and documenting mine and Adam's renovation of our new place.  


2016 was epic for discovering my own personal and blog potential. I made lots of contacts, went to a few events and turned down lots of cool opportunities due to university commitments boooo, no more! In 2017 I'm going to say yes to more things, throw myself into challenging projects and really pump up the volume! 

I've got a few freelancing things in the pipeline (as if people want me to write for them!?) and I'm enjoying the challenge! 

So yeah, I'm down for freelancing in 2017! 

Achieving goals like...

Sponsored Posts 

There was some serious beef on the Internet (do people still say that!?) over sponsored content and advertorial content on blogs and YouTube this year, it's confusing, the rules change dependent on where you live and it's basically a love/hate situation. 

For me, I had some confusion because my boyfriend is called Adam and I call him Ad 99% of the time which made everyone think that everything was bloody paid for advertisements! Going forward, anything that is paid for I will put 'Sponsored' across all my social media platforms and will put 'Adam' when my brain engages with my typing fingers. I hope that helps! As ever, I am very selective about the paid for sponsor projects I take on. I will not take photos in train stations (random) and I will not promote a bed shop in America that I've never heard of, let alone been to. 

Can I get an amen? 

Personal Blog Goals 

I'd like to get to the end of the year and be really proud of the consistent content I've created.
Im going to aim to outline the content I want to create in advance, write about events as soon after I attend them as possible I.E not write about my travel trip to Dublin that happened in April, in December! And meet some fellow bloggers and content creators along the way. It's time to spread my people wings as after all, the Internet can be a lonely place. 

I'd also like to increase my comments on blog posts, I promise I won't bite people, I'd love to hear your thoughts, opinions and feedback! 

Woah, that was a long one! Thanks for sticking with me and here's to a fantastic 2017!

Clo :) 

Photographs in this blog post were taken by my very handy and handsome boyfriend, Adam Hampton-Matthews at Gibside, A National Trust Park in Newcastle.

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