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I thought it was about time I did a little 'About Me' post, to introduce myself to new readers and share some facts about me to current blog readers that they didn't know before. 

5 Facts About Me

1. I Work For H&M

I've worked for H&M as part of their sales team since my first year of university. I've worked in three stores and was part of the UK team sent over to New Zealand to open the first store in NZ.

Because of work I'd say 90% of my wardrobe is from H&M. They really do look after me and keep me on trend!

H&M New Zealand

2. My Boyfriends Name Is Adam 

Last year I did more paid for / sponsored posts. I did't think about the fact that my boyfriend is called Adam and I call him Ad.  Readers thought overtime I wrote 'Ad' it meant the post was sponsored. I've written a bit more about this on my 'Blogging New Years Resolutions' post .here.  But for now, going forward I'll type 'Adam' and use #Sponsored.

3. I'm A Student At UCA Doing Fashion Management & Marketing BA

I'm the class of 2017 and am currently focus on my dissertations  'Sustainability In The Fast Fashion Supply Chain' and 'International Retail Expansion.' I love my subjects, but I'm so ready to live my life and start my career. However, I'm not looking back at paying back my student loan back, cutting out 9% of my salary. Bad times.


4. I've been blogging on Hello I'm Clo for 5 years

It's 2017, marking my fifth year of blogging on Hello I'm Clo. I can honestly say I've never stuck to a hobby so long. I think it's because I have complete creative control and if I fancy changing topic, I can. I've learnt a lot about myself and my interests whilst writing, for the better. 

Prior to Hello I'm Clo I wrote anonymously on a fair few blogs and had a job in social media marketing whilst at college, it was a learning curve and Hello I'm Clo came about because of that experience. I wrote another blog, Red Lips and Classics in 2014 about fashion, but soon ran out of things to say and came back to Hello I'm Clo. 

I also managed to delete a huge chunk (About 50 posts) of content off this site by accident. I swore hard and fast but there was nothing I could do, it was gone. At that point I realised just how important my blog was to me. Safe to say I save and double save now.  

A magazine display at Wardour News, Soho

5. I Live A Plant Based Lifestyle - 100% Vegetarian & Part Time Vegan

Food is a huge part of my life. I'm no kitchen genius, but I'm interested in how food is made and what goes into it. 

I've had problems with food allergies and intolerance for my whole life, and whilst in New York a few years ago, I realised my eating habits and things I was eating were out of control. I read a book about how gross food production and meat is and then when talking about vegetarianism with a friend and they said:

'Why should an animal die for me to be fed?' 

About a week later I ordered chicken in a restaurant, it arrived and I looked at it for a, bit thinking about how cruel and unnecessary it was to eat meat and with that I left it on the table, paid and left. Never eaten meat since.

I've tried being a vegan, but on the odd occasion, I'll have cheese or honey, so for that reason I tell people I eat a plant based diet. Maybe one day I'll become a fully fledged vegan, but i'm not currently in a position to make that lifestyle commitment.

All of the veggies!

So thats a little bit more about me! I have 5 other fact about me, but this post has become a long one! I'll post the other five in a few weeks time! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better!

Clo :)

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