Lifestyle: Blogging New Years Resolutions

1. I will stick to my schedule of at least once a week!

With the aim being to get back to three posts a week, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday once university has died down and I'm all settled at work and I have the wonder of free time on my hands! But until then, I promise I’ll give it my best shot! So keep your eyes peeled!

2. Write things ASAP

I’ll go to events / buy things / experience things and write about them straight away rather than find them in my drafts in December when I actually went to Rome in March, My bad. Writing about things as and when they happen, makes better writing and therefor better reading for your guys!

3. Using the word 'Sponsored'

I’m going to start using ‘Sponsored’ rather than ‘Ad’ because my boyfriend is called Adam so I write ‘Ad’ a lot and people get confused. damnit. I'll try my best to write 'Adam' when taking about the BF rather than Ad as I really don't just write about things that are sponsored!

4. I’ll use my social media handles and let you all know I’m alive

I sort of died on Social Media in 2016, I forgot twitter existed for about 90% of the year and wasn't very active on anything but my Instagram and of course, this culture and lifestyle blog! I'm going to remember that I have social media and use it this year! I'll update it when I post a blog post, visit places and talk about trending topics and all that. 

5. Go To Blogger Events! 

2016 saw me get invited to a lot more events and blogger soirees. Once uni is all done and dusted I’ll hopefully be able to pop along and meet some fellow internet peoples. I'm really interested in meeting other creators and sharing the blogging love.

6. Get On With It

Do all the blogging things I’ve been wanting to do forever but that thing called university keeps getting in the way. I've already mentioned this more than a far few times, but I'm about to graduate! Fingers crossed I get what I'm after and then double fingers crossed I'm in a job that allows me to have the flexibility with my free time for all of the blog stuff!

7. Start Being A Bit More Informative

I’ve done my dissertation on sustainability in the fast fashion supply chain (Sounds boring but super interesting!) I now have all this knowledge, it’s something I should share, from what you’re wearing and what its made of, down to how to sustainably recycle it (and no, donating it to a charity shop is not the correct answer.) I'm going to try and strike the balance between being informative, interesting and not lecturing in any way.

8. Get In Front Of The Camera! 

I’ve always been the first to quite literally run away from the camera and my boyfriend will vouch for me being the most un-natural poser known to man or woman but I’m going to try and up my game. Fashion photos are something I’d like to include more of on the blog, but please expect unedited, natural, chilled photos. I ain’t going to be airbrushing or posing up a storm and yes, my thighs are really that big in comparison to the rest of my body, so what?

9. Start Showcasing More Independent & Pop Up Brands

I’m always fascinated with the huge selection of brands available in places like Shoreditch, Hoxton, Hackney as well as outside of London. I’d like to bring those brands to a new audience in a cool way. Not sure which way, I’m working on that bit. But if you're part of a small brand, get in touch! 

10. Travel! 

2016 was epic for travel. Whilst I don’t expect to do as much travelling as last year (If anyone wants to send me anywhere, hook a girl up!) I would like to document my travel experiences more and I’ve chatted a little bit more info on that here.

...and finally on a non blogging pic I’ll start experimenting with youtube and video. Slowly but surely. I’m not talking weekly or even regular content, but curated and lovingly created, interesting and intriguing content none the less. 

I look forward to 2017!

Clo :)

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