Lifestyle: Happy New Year!

Smiling away at Gibside, National Trust park in Newcastle over the festive period

Happy New Year!

I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas period and a well deserved rest, I know I have. I'm feeling much better and am ready to take on whatever 2017 has to offer!

I'll be spending today with family, probably going for a walk to lessen the Christmas load!

I'm back at university in London next week and then working towards a mid January deadline and then have got until June, when I graduate, to enjoy my final months of being a student.

2017 will see more of a hobby focus for me, Hello I'm Clo is something I've been really passionate about for the four years I've been writing but 2017 is the year that my life will allow for extra space and time, to write, take photographs and explore and share more on this little blog, which I really take pride in.

Tomorrow's post will tell you all about my blog aims and blog goals for 2017 and following on from that I'll be posting three times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday about culture and lifestyle as well as food, fashion, sustainability and my love of travel. 

So if you're new here, welcome! and be sure to give me a follow on my social media channels to stay unto date and hopefully inspired by my of plethora of adventures!

Here's to  2017! 

Clo :)

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