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At 21 you'd expect me to have my driving together, I've lived alone in London, I've traveled to the other side of the world on my own, yet I still can't drive - It's ridiculous! When I got back from New Zealand (The land of pure drivers) I decided that enough was enough and started to learn and I'm quite enjoying it, I don't know what I thought was so scary and I really regret not doing it sooner.

Winter Proofing My Car Tyres

My driving instructor has been showing me the ropes and says that doing my driving theory will help me get to grips with the know-how of a car, but it was whilst watching season 4 PLL (Yes, I'm re-watching it before the new season starts) that I realised I wouldn't have a clue how to change a tyre if I needed to and I wouldn't know If my tyres were safe to drive on in during winter weather either.
So I've partnered with Point S who provide tyres online to give you guys the low-down on all things tyres, especially as the UK weather is playing havoc and there's more cars than ever on the roads, I sure want to feel safe knowing that I've checked my tyres before heading onto the road during the colder and icier winter months and I'd feel safer if everyone else knew how to too.

So here are my three tips for safer tyres during the winter!

(Which I've obviously had checked to make sure I'm giving you all the correct information!)

1. Look at your tyres!

You can tell a lot about your tyres from the way they look. Even a novice like me can tell the difference between a good tyre and a bad tyre. Make sure they're fully inflated and haven't got any lumps, bumps or rubber bits pulling away, if there are, get them changed, asap.

Winter Proofing My Car Tyres

2. Don't forget your spare.

We never think about the second option, until we need to use it. So it's always best to ere on the side of caution and check your spare every once in a while for the same things you'd look for on the wheels your car is currently using (Wanted to say wearing so bad here, typical fashion blogger) perhaps put a note in your diary to check it every so often as you never know when you might need to use it, that said perhaps learn how to change a tyre too if you don't already, no good having a spare and not know how to change it! (Shouts Dad to show me how to change a tyre)

3. Get the right tyres for you car and your location. 

It sounds like common sense if you're in the know, but just incase you not, your tyres are designed for the type of driving and the type of weather conditions you're going to be driving in. So if you live in the middle of no-where, make sure you're tyres are ready for the rocky road in heavy winter weather.

So there you go guys! I hope that helps you out, I'll be sure to remind you all when I do my winter tyre checks and keep you and your car on your toes!

Thank you to Point S who made this information post available. Point S are nationwide, but there's a branch not too far from me in Birmingham where I can get car tyres from, Plume tyres. So once I pass my test (fingers crossed) and have my own Brum (fingers crossed) I'll be sure to go get my tyres checked and replaced when need be.

I hope you guys found this informative and use these tips to keep us all safe on the road this winter.

Clo :)

This is a sponsored post with Point S, but all blurb and views my own.

All tips checked before publishing (Obviously) You can find a Point S dealership in your area here.

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