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A family of swans
Last week I spoke about our little day trip out with our friend and Auckland dweller, Nico (Read about it here) on the same day of exploring and adventure seeking we went to a little lake, near an independent theatre and cafe to look at some of the birds and wildlife on and around the lake.

Black swan

None of us Brits had ever seen a black swan before and were completely taken aback by their size and beauty, not to mention how friendly they were, walking within a ft of us and wanting to peck at our bags, blankets and feet.

It wasn't just the adults either, the babies were following their parents, pecking at my feet and waddling after me when I was running away!

A little theatre
When we arrived, it was quite late in the afternoon, about 5pm. Whilst the light was still quite good, it was so cold. It amazes me how warm the photos look. We were all in hoodies, jackets and blankets!

We'd have had a hot chocolate to warm us up, had the cafe not have been closed for a private event!

Black swans with red beaks 

We wandered onto the jetty for a better and closer look at the birds and swans, as well as the view into the local town (we were now away from Auckland) and discovered to our fright that the jetty moved and swayed when rocked or walked on. Not only that, the birds liked to come aboard the jetty and peck to say hello and being the city girl I am, I quite quickly got off the jetty, there was no way I was falling into that water because of a swaying jetty and an overly friendly bird!

Birds going after the bread
It was like visiting a little nature reserve, far away from the hustle and rustle of the city of Auckland.
I found the New Zealand people (KIWIS) to be very approachable and relaxed people, who enjoy spending time in nature in and observing the beautiful space they inhabit.

A bird after the contents of my handbag!
What a lovely way to spend a day off,

Clo :)

If you'd like to know why I was in New Zealand you can find out more from this post , read my goodbye New Zealand letter here and find out how I'm finding it back home in the UK here.

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