Travel: Off To The Beach, New Zealand

A view from the beach
I can't for the life of me remember where this beach is, which I appreciate isn't very helpful! Our friend and kiwi, Nico was driving us around some of his favourite spots, just outside of Auckland, New Zealand on a day trip, so he was In charge and I just stared out of the window, soaking up all the nature and weather!

We stopped at this beach, which had a massive kids playground at the back, through some trees and was majorly busy during a rather nice Saturday. Full of families enjoying the weather, the views and down time with one another.

Heading down the the beach

The beach wasn't the luscious sand we were all expecting. It was hard, with shells and stones in it, flooded with red jelly fish the size of dustbin lids, they were massive! I've never seen anything like it, apparently, according to Nico, it's totally normal! Us Brits were amazed!

Not the sand I was expecting!

It was a good job we all had trainers on, we ended up strolling up and down the coastline and taking photos of all the views, nature and of course, these jelly fish! Everyone on the beach must have thought we were all crazy, or aliens for taking so many photos of the floor!

The biggest jelly fish I've ever seen!

Having our very own native tour guide was fantastic, and travelling with him was even better we'd have never have discovered some of the sights without him. Having a car allowed us a lot more freedom too. On this day I really felt like I was getting to see more than a tourists view of the city, the wider country and New Zealand as a whole.

Pebbles in the sand
The animals we'd seen in New Zealand were very different to what we're used to in the UK. The birds are friendlier, as we discovered on the beach when they calmly came to say hello and weren't running away from us! The wildlife around the beach and the harbour and the viaduct were calm too, we were so far removed from home.

Look how huge that thing is!
The views were breathtaking, so calming and natural and it was great to see so many people enjoying this beautiful space. Swimmers, kayakers, and boaters all relaxing in Natures work. Fantastic.

Such a pretty place

Clo :)

If you'd like to know why I was in New Zealand you can find out more from this post , read my goodbye New Zealand letter here and find out how I'm finding it back home in the UK here.

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