Travel: Views From The Back Of The Boat, Auckland

A great view of the sky tower

During my time at the Sebel Viaduct Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand I did a lot of walking down by the Harbour, I'd sit and watch boats and the people around the harbour, simply watching the world going by.

Whilst there, I also took a fair few ferry rides to go and explore more of New Zealand whilst there on my travels. From the boat and more specifically the back of the boat there were some incredible views. With an open top deck, It was a fantastic way to get all the views of the city and the places away from the city such as Devonport.

At the ferry terminal

Pulling away from the ferry terminal, I noticed the colour of the water and how the colour changed as we pulled away from the terminal and adventured further into the vast space of water.

The sky was stunning, full of fluffy clouds and blue skies. After all, New Zealand means land of the long white cloud. 

Pulling away from the ferry terminal

There are a lot of boats docking in the harbour, near the ferry terminal, but not on the days I was boating, which is such a shame, I'd have taken some lovely up close photographs of the large vessels, rather than the ones I took of it from the side walk.

Off we go!

The city beginning to fade into the background

As the boat pulled away, the city appeared to get smaller and smaller as it fell into the background. The small sky line only highlighted how different Auckland is to London. So very different. But refreshing to have the balance between city life and nature and space at your doorstep, you don't get that in London, that's for sure.

The wind was up!

All is calm

Eventually, it was just the boat and the water, clear and calm, with just the odd kayaker or sailing boat breezing past.

The Harbour Bridge

And within a short time, I'd arrived at my destination and I was in another natural paradise full of opportunities for adventure and discovery, my next adventure was waiting.

Approaching Devonport

You can read more about my New Zealand adventures on the blog over the coming weeks.

Clo :)

If you'd like to know why I was in New Zealand you can find out more from this post , read my goodbye New Zealand letter here and find out how I'm finding it back home in the UK here.

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