Travel: Views Of Auckland, New Zealand

Walking towards Britomart
Whilst in Auckland, New Zealand, I did a lot of walking, much of it for going to and from work on the train, then back into the city to get back to my hotel.

On my early shifts, I liked to wander around the city after work and before it got dark. I love wandering, aimlessly, when I've got time on my hands, no where to be, to explore the side streets of cities I don't know to see what i've not seen before and discover something new.

Here are some of my highlights from my time in Auckland.

The ferry terminal
The ferry terminal was fascinating, always lots of movement, boats and ships coming and going and the huge surge in people in Auckland when the big boats docked. The tourist stores would roll out their goods when the boats came to dock in the city. The beautiful blue water is like nothing I've ever seen before. The same goes for the sky too.

The ferry port
Auckland isn't like what I'm used to. It's no where near as busy as London (The population of New Zealand is the population of London, so yeah, a huge population difference.) but it's not dead or dated either. It's like a city that's known but not the capitol city. I'd compare it to Birmingham on a Wednesday.

Outside Britomart
Their signage in Auckland is really handy, especially with the up and coming developments and newly opened places. There's also a fair bit of building going on (Opposite Britomart, the road ways too) to entice more people to the city and bring it up to speed with other international cities.

Going to the heart of Britomart

Work underway near Britomart
Something that really struck me about Auckland was the pride they take in their city. Fresh and bedded flowers are everywhere and it's so uplifting and really makes a huge difference to the aesthetic.

So many fresh flowers in Auckland!

I was staying at the Auckland Viaduct and every day different boats would moor up, sometimes for a long time, sometimes just a short while. In New Zealand it's really common to have a boat, just like in the UK it's common to have a car, so there was lots of to-ing and fro-ing 

Boats by the viaduct harbour

Heading down Queen Street
It was interesting, getting my bearings, how New Zealand, like most cities in the world are split into districts; business, finance, arts, students. I walked down the roads leading to the business district on both weekdays and weekend days to see what they were like both busy and on quieter days, it's incredible how a place can be the life and sole of the party one day and be totally free of people the next.

Always looking up, catching all the detail
I managed to visit the Auckland Art Gallery whilst I was staying in the city, I found it by accident, after reading my map incorrectly, but found this beautiful art piece that formed a staircase leading right unto the gallery, perfect.

The steps towards the art gallery

Auckland Art Gallery
The inside of the gallery was, of course interesting, but my favourite element was definitely the reception area, the the multicoloured handing forms, the kids in the gallery loved them too! I guess I'm just a big kid really!

Inside Auckland Art Gallery
Clo :)

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