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Fashion: Style At London Fashion Week

One of my absolute favourite captures of fashion week!

Strand, London, UK

Fashion: Make Do & Mend

The insides of my sewing box

I've had a pile of 'To Sew' items in my bedroom for a while; a few pairs of tights, popped off buttons and little holes in clothing, that are easily mended. With a few days off, it was time to make do and mend my clothing so I can get even more wear out of them. Other than the little holes or things that can be easily fixed, there's nothing wrong with them, but I've been appalled to learn that some people simply throw things out if they get damaged or well worn.

I don't need to tell you guys that it's really bad for the environment to simply throw things away, always textile recycle you clothes, but only when they can't be worn anymore!  With so many online tutorials, you can easily learn a new skill if you don't know how or technique to fix your clothes in a small amount of time, save money as you wouldn't need to buy another item and contribute to in the long run, saving the planet.

Birmingham, UK

Travel: A View From Under The Bridge

A lovely view of Auckland
I've previously mentioned the amazing 'Tour Guide' friend we had in Auckland, New Zealand, who fantastically showed us the sights of Auckland and beyond. Nico was incredible and I owe him so much for taking time out to show us Brits about!

One day we went off on a jolly tourist trip and went over the Auckland Harbour Bridge in the car. After the bridge Nico turned down a narrow dirt track, I'd got no idea where we were going until we drove under the Harbour Bridge  and pulled up alongside the water to the most brilliant view of Auckland.

Auckland Harbour Bridge, Westhaven, Auckland 1011, New Zealand

Lifestyle: The Art Of The Thank You Card

My Liberty Thank You cards 

Sometimes, it's the little things that matter. I've recently started sending Thank You cards. It's such a lovely thing to do to show someone you care.

Whenever I've received a thank you card I feel really special and privileged that someone has taken time out of their busy schedule to take the time to think about me. In a world of social media and swiping it's no wonder that we've lost some of those old classic past times.

So coming to you today is the Hello I'm Clo way of thank you's. I'm the worst texter, my friends will tell you it can take me weeks to see or reply to a message because I'm so chock-a-block work-work-work-blog. So for 2017, along with my blog resolutions  I vowed to take time out of my schedule to check in with friends and nurture the fantastic relationships I have in my life and perhaps step away from the screen once in a while to do it.

Fashion: Vintage White Scalloped Blouse

My new vintage white blouse from Rock Follies Vintage 

I've been doing really well at Rock Follies Vintage recently. It's not too far from where I'm currently working back home and I often pop in after work to have a gander through their treasure trove of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories.

It's a jam packed space full of sparkles, sequins and vintage prints and patterns. I love searching through the racks for perfect vintage finds and challenging myself  style wise by mixing modern and vintage together to create a completely unique and individual look for myself.

Rock Follies Vintage, Reindeer Court, Worcester, UK

Travel: Marokopa Falls, New Zealand

Marokopa Falls

Following on from last week's Travel blogpost about my New Zealand road trip (Read about it here) the final sightseeing stop was Marokopa Falls. It took forever to get to, was quite clearly in the middle of no-where but was hands down one of the most natural and beautiful sights I've ever seen.

A long way away from wifi or cell phone reception, Marokopa Falls was a piece of Kiwi paradise and my first ever waterfall! We parked the car and ventured down the pathway towards the waterfall.

Marokopa Falls, Waikato, New Zealand

Beauty: Hydrated Winter Skin With Nuxe Paris

Nuxe Paris's Masque Creme Fraiche

Beauty Blogging! Wow! Long time no write! 

I come to you today with the saving grace of winter skin: the Nuxe Paris's Masque Creme Fraiche. I've had this rehydrating cream for well over a year and If i remember correctly I received the 50ml version in a beauty monthly subscription package (That tells me its old! Haven't had a beauty subscription in forever!)

At first I dismissed the skincare mask cream due to its strong smell of rose, but from time to time I've tried this skincare cream in different ways and have discovered real benefits from the cream (After getting over the smell that is!)

Worcestershire, UK

Fashion: What I Bought In January

A vintage Reldan number 

With the new year came a new fashion resolution: to source 50% of my wardrobe from second hand and vintage sources. It's a big commitment that I'm going to stick to. Especially after my dissertation research into sustainability in the fast fashion supply chain. I want to make more sustainable and more ethical choices and changes in my life and as fashion is a huge part of my day to day life, it was first up for the overhaul!

So each month I'm going to be keeping tabs on what, why and where I'm buying my fashion bits and bobs from, to keep track of my purchases and share my vintage gems, sustainable staples and more ethical fast fashion choices.

Birmingham, UK

Lifestyle: 5 Further Facts About Me

In Soho's Princi Bakery


Last month I wrote a 'Get to know me' post where I touched upon being a veggie, where I work and how Hello I'm Clo came about (Read it here) and here is the second half of the post! So welcome if you're new on the Hello I'm Clo culture and lifestyle blog and welcome back if you've been here before!

I hope you enjoy the second part of my get to know me post, let me know what you think in the comments and if you've got any questions, pop those in too and I'll get back to you!

5 Facts About Me

Soho, London, UK

Travel: New Zealand Road Trip

Looks like rain is coming!

With a day off to explore, some friends and I clubbed together to hire a car and head off to explore further afield of Auckland. With my Berlitz guide book to hand, no internet connection and a few leaflets, we set off in search of pastures new, sheep and the Waitomo Glowworm Caves.
Waitomo, New Zealand

Lifestyle: Isolation & Self Belief

I've been in a pretty low place recently. Having so much time off ill, being in and out of hospital and away from work and university has really taken a big bite into my fast paced, travel filled, interactive life.

Whilst at first it was nice be be settled at home, except for the pain, after a while I got pretty sick of looking at the same four walls day in, day out. Unable to do anything to ease the pain and sleeping most of the day, I lost sight of my daily routine and responsibilities.

Behind on my university studies due to my time off sick and my pain medication leaving me unable to read a sentence clearly and absorb the sentences intentions I was left lulling, pondering and over analysing my life. What I'm doing? Where I'm going? and wether I've done enough to get where I want to be.

I even started to question my choices, have I made the right decisions recently that will positively impact my future? Will my university paper be enough to make the grade? Am i ready to become  a fully fledged adult with bills, pensions and really big financial decisions? It was a stressful cycle that I couldn't seem to get out of. I have had a serious self belief issue over the past month, which is so far removed from my usual positive, self motivating, go getting self that it became scary, I didn't recognise the reflection in the mirror and to make matters worse, this was all in my head. Unvocalised, unshared with those around me. By brain was eating away.

A few weeks later:

Culture: Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Royal Shakespeare Theatre entrance
As I've mentioned in my previous posts 'Stratford Upon Avon' and 'A Spot Of Lunch' Adam and I went to Stratford for the RSC's production of 'The Tempest' on one of it's final performance dates before It heads to London.

We'd taken our time exploring the town centre and stopping for a lovely lunch in a local cafe, after which we were ready to take our seats in the theatre.

Stratford-upon-Avon, England · Warwickshire, Stratford-upon-Avon