Beauty: Hydrated Winter Skin With Nuxe Paris

Nuxe Paris's Masque Creme Fraiche

Beauty Blogging! Wow! Long time no write! 

I come to you today with the saving grace of winter skin: the Nuxe Paris's Masque Creme Fraiche. I've had this rehydrating cream for well over a year and If i remember correctly I received the 50ml version in a beauty monthly subscription package (That tells me its old! Haven't had a beauty subscription in forever!)

At first I dismissed the skincare mask cream due to its strong smell of rose, but from time to time I've tried this skincare cream in different ways and have discovered real benefits from the cream (After getting over the smell that is!)

Nuxe Paris advise 'Leave on face and eye contour area for 10 minutes, then gently massage with any excess product with fingertips, before removing.' I gave these instructions a few goes, but failed to see any benefit within the ten minute time, then one evening I ran out of moisturiser and used the Masque Creme Fraiche instead. I found that the smell bothered me less when sleeping and paired well with my skincare health boosting Egyptian cotton bedsheets sheets. How lifestyle blogger of me.

Nuxe Paris's Masque Creme Fraiche screw top

Awaking with fresh, hydrated and nourished skin encouraged me to give the Masque Creme Fraiche a whirl as a heavier night time moisturiser. I wash my face with a face wash (Not an abrasive one, a smooth gel) pat dry then apply my normal cleanser and toner, then any spot cream tee tree cream before rubbing a liberal amount of Nuxe Paris's Masque Creme Fraiche from my fingertips, to dots across my: face, forehead, jawline and neck, then using my full fingers and palm to rub in and work the cream into my skin. I've found this provides a really good nourishing to the skin and helps to keep wrinkles at bay long term - don't forget to apply moisturiser to your neck as well as your face to support skin evenness.

During the winter months our skin takes a real battering from the environment and it deserves a little extra TLC in the hydration department, calling in my case for a thicker cream at night to prepare and preserve the skin from the winter elements. I really recommend the Masque Creme Fraiche at night, however it's a little too heavy to wear during the day or under make-up and of course, you could see if the instructions and intended use as a ten minute face mask work for you. But if you're looking for a hydrating and balancing cream or boost during the winter, I'd highly recommend this winter flower.

You can see more info of the Masque Creme Fraiche here. It's suitable for all skin types and aims to give unto 24hrs hydration - I definitely think it does, I wake up in the morning with plump, balanced skin. It's great when that happens, isn't it.

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Clo :)

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