Fashion: What I Bought In January

A vintage Reldan number 

With the new year came a new fashion resolution: to source 50% of my wardrobe from second hand and vintage sources. It's a big commitment that I'm going to stick to. Especially after my dissertation research into sustainability in the fast fashion supply chain. I want to make more sustainable and more ethical choices and changes in my life and as fashion is a huge part of my day to day life, it was first up for the overhaul!

So each month I'm going to be keeping tabs on what, why and where I'm buying my fashion bits and bobs from, to keep track of my purchases and share my vintage gems, sustainable staples and more ethical fast fashion choices.

Here goes January! With sales in full swing, I really tried my best to curb my habit of buy-buy-buy which, if you work in fashion retail, you will appreciate that it is super hard not to buy all the things you love when they're staring at you 24/7 and that staff discount! But compared to my frankly shocking sale hauls from last year, I did good!

How did I curb the habit? I only bought sustainable materials: goodbye acrylic, goodbye polyester (inserts wave emoji) items made from either of those two fashion evils aren't even on my radar, no matter how cute, they're killing the planet and therefore killing my fashion vibe. Not allowed.

I also tried clothes on; I lunged, flapped my arms like a bird and stuck my chest out to see if I could really move in the clothes, if they didn't fit, were close to being snug on my body or had the potential of shrinking (yes dad, you do shrink everything by boiling it on 60, stop it!) and therefore had the potential of a short lifespan they weren't purchased. It's brutal at first, especially if I had my heart set on something but thinking logically helped mend my fashion heart.

These are the items I bought in January:

Brand New Clothes

Two tone straight jeans M&S £16

Two tone side jeans

Fray bottoms

I bought these jeans in the sale after getting a voucher for Christmas. They're a lovely, comfortable fit and a trendy two tone colour.

M&S have made many sustainable and ethical commitments, are part of the BCI and are making positive steps to create a sustainable future. Read more their ethical and sustainable commitments here.

Black washout straight jeans H&M £12

Grey and black wash

Half cut fray bottoms

These are so bloody comfy, I can not stress enough, they're probably the item that I'm struggling to style with the rest of my wardrobe, but I'm working on it, I love a challenge.

Holed top H&M £4

Letting the daylight through!

You're probably thinking 'Clo, you have a hole in your top' and you'd be correct! I picked this tshirt up for university project purposes but when I want to feel edgy and cool, I'll style it with my docs and wear eyeliner. It's 100% cotton and whilst looks sand blasted isn't as H&M do not practise sand blasting due to their sustainable commitments.

This top currently sits at the end of my desk and always makes me question fashion, style and texture. It's a thought provoking piece, Not bad for a hokey t-shirt.

Black summer dress H&M £3

A great summer throw on

This wasn't a mandatory purchase, but it will be in the summer! I have the same dress in green and I love it, it's so easy to style, throw on and lightly pack for some r&r on holiday. Easy dressing at its best.

Black Merino Wool Jumper H&M £10

This is heaven in a jumper. I have never been so excited about a plain black jumper. I um-ed -and ar-ed about this jumper, but reasoned that 100% wool doesn't come around very often at this brilliant price and that I really couldn't go wrong with a plain black jumper that goes with everything! So glad I bought it!

Breezy blue blouse H&M £7

A casual, flowing blouse

Tapered sleeves

I'm quite clearly a style chameleon, but for my country girl casual days this beautiful flowing blue cotton shirt goes so easily with denim and brown boots, it's soft and flattering, good buy.

A selection of midi rings in gold and silver H&M £5

I don't think I've got the most attractive hands, in fact I think they're pretty ugly, but I've been polishing my nails and giving my hands some tlc and some new bling in the form of cute midi rings. It's nice to accessories when you're wearing something plain like a simple jeans and tshirt. Long term I'd like to find some ethical jewellery brands to buy from so if you guys have any suggestions let me know!

Second hand and Vintage (yeahh!)

Blue striped 70's Jacket £40

A Rock Follie Vintage 70's number

This is the perfect accompaniment to a jeans and t-shirt combo. It kind of reminds me of a cricket umpires jackets and it's got a real public school vibe about it. As soon as I put it on, I knew I was having it! The fit is so flattering and acomidayes for a size 10 with boobs! Hurrah!

Black tailor waisted 70's Jacket £22

A beautiful 80's dinner style jacket with gold detailing

This is a jazzy number. A classic tailored black jacket with these stunning details on the arms and statement gold buttons. I need to go out for cocktails to wear this one! Old school retro glamour, just look at those shoulder pads! Amazing!

I tried this on with a T-shirt and wasn't convinced, then took the T-shirt off to create a deep v and show a little skin, it transformed the look. This piece was definitely a buy now or loose the look forever garment!

Ahhhh January

This month hasn't been a 50/50 split between brand new and second hand clothing but that doesn't mean it's been a failure, vintage has to be the right thing in the right place at the right time and it just so happened that this month I found more brand new sustainable material fashion items than vintage ones. The sales probably had a lot to do with that!

I cant wait to wear my new pieces, blend and style them with my existing wardrobe and create some more individual looks that I'll share with you on this blog.

I cant believe how long this post turned out to be! Perhaps I should buy less - definitely need more vintage pieces though!

If you have any questions on my new buying mantras please pop them in the box below or drop me a tweet!

Clo :)

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