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My Liberty Thank You cards 

Sometimes, it's the little things that matter. I've recently started sending Thank You cards. It's such a lovely thing to do to show someone you care.

Whenever I've received a thank you card I feel really special and privileged that someone has taken time out of their busy schedule to take the time to think about me. In a world of social media and swiping it's no wonder that we've lost some of those old classic past times.

So coming to you today is the Hello I'm Clo way of thank you's. I'm the worst texter, my friends will tell you it can take me weeks to see or reply to a message because I'm so chock-a-block work-work-work-blog. So for 2017, along with my blog resolutions  I vowed to take time out of my schedule to check in with friends and nurture the fantastic relationships I have in my life and perhaps step away from the screen once in a while to do it.

I hope Adam won't mind me tell you this, but whilst I was in New Zealand, I didn't send him a postcard, I sent one to everyone back home who I wasn't in daily contact with, but didn't think he'd want one as I was seeing his face online on an almost daily basis. How wrong I was, he was really offended.

After some self reflections and admission that I'd not been as considerate as I could have been, I spontaneously wrote him a letter a few days later, whilst alone traveling back to the Hotel on a train one afternoon. It was in my bullet journal, with note scribbles on the back. My handwriting was all jangled because of the train movements, but I got an envelope from the Hotel reception and sent it the 13,000 miles back home.

Thank You list

Adam thanked me for the letter when I went home, but it wasn't until I stayed round his house after returning to the UK that I realised how much that gesture had meant to him. I walked into his house and there it was, framed alongside the fern leaf I'd popped in the envelope along with the letter. It was  unexpected and that's why he liked it.

A timeless classic

So when I was in Liberty London a few months ago, I picked up some really simple, yet beautiful Thank You cards to keep in my desk for when a Thank You strikes!

The cards are plain inside, with an off white envelope to post in, they're really good quality on lovely thick paper. Very satisfying to my inner stationary freak.

I think perhaps later this year I'm going to make my own 'Hello I'm Clo' cards to send to fellow bloggers and PRs and brands to give something back for the fantastic things they do for me. Now that really would satisfy my perhaps not so inner stationary freak!

Just to say...
As an avid list maker, I always make a list of people I need to contact or write to, so I don't miss anyone. This is so needed in my life right now. Adam and I are receiving gifts left, right and centre for the house we haven't even moved into yet! Once I've made that list I write my cards, all at once, then post them or deliver them whilst they're fresh in my mind. I don't like to forget or leave them to fester in the bottom of my handbag!

So next time you'd like to thank someone or show them you care, send them a card, handwritten, bad writing and all to show that they're important to you. We get so many emails, that a thank you via email sometimes seems impersonal and empty. A card is full of heart.

I'm all for that full heart feeling,

Clo :)

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