Travel: Marokopa Falls, New Zealand

Marokopa Falls

Following on from last week's Travel blogpost about my New Zealand road trip (Read about it here) the final sightseeing stop was Marokopa Falls. It took forever to get to, was quite clearly in the middle of no-where but was hands down one of the most natural and beautiful sights I've ever seen.

A long way away from wifi or cell phone reception, Marokopa Falls was a piece of Kiwi paradise and my first ever waterfall! We parked the car and ventured down the pathway towards the waterfall.

We're on our way!

The signage once we got to Marokopa Falls was pretty good, but trying to find it whilst simultaneously trying not to barf into the carrier bag in the back of the car was a bit of a challenge (P.S That happened later. Note to self, always be that prepared!)

We followed the Marokopa Falls signage through the bushes and into what can only be described as a forrest. The site isn't manned and is totally natural, how you see it is how nature formed it, it's totally beautiful.


Apart from the odd bench that is, carved out and apparently placed on the sight by locals. We stopped for a breather and to take a few snaps along the way. It was so peaceful and quiet. We were in the middle of no-where and apart from Jodie's iPhone camera snap and Ryans boots in the mud (It had been raining) all you could hear was nature and as we got closer, water.

Middle of no-where

As we walked down the path, the louder the sound of falling water got, it also felt like the air was changing, getting more moist and eventually it was in the air, then on your face. It was a beautiful thing, very unusual for someone who's used to the London Underground as her surroundings!

Ryan posing up a storm!

This was the day I really felt like I was seeing the true New Zealand, the natural surroundings people speak of when you talk about travelling to New Zealand. Although I didn't travel well on the road trip, it was lovely to get outside of the city and drive for miles and miles in the natural surroundings and untouched scenery NZ has to offer- and to think, people live in this!

So much greenery!

The main event

The waterfall was breathtaking! We stood on a very wet, slippy and muddy platform taking photos and enjoying the moment. We even adventured off the platform to get a better look, stepping or slipping down a mound a little further down the hill. Ryan wanted to venture further down, which was echoed by me whaling 'We're not insured for this!!!'

Heather and her selfie

Whilst Ryan was trying to scale the hill whilst keeping his shoes clean and I was breathing in fresh air, and heather was taking selfies, Jodie had jumped on the railings to pose for her photos. I wish i'd have taken a shot of her one foot in the air, superwoman pose with the waterfall in the background. That girl knows how to do travel photos!

Getting wet from this distance

If you ever get the chance to Marokopa, go. Or New Zealand for that matter. The countryside is breathtaking, the perfect place for a retreat! Go, explore and breath in deeply - the air is amazing.

Here I am! Tired, rather sickly but happy to have arrived and thankful for the fresh air!

Clo :)

If you'd like to know why I was in New Zealand you can find out more from this post , read my goodbye New Zealand letter here and find out how I'm finding it back home in the UK here.

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