Travel: New Zealand Road Trip

Looks like rain is coming!

With a day off to explore, some friends and I clubbed together to hire a car and head off to explore further afield of Auckland. With my Berlitz guide book to hand, no internet connection and a few leaflets, we set off in search of pastures new, sheep and the Waitomo Glowworm Caves.

The Beige-mobile
Now, I must be honest. I don't travel well in a car and I don't drive and in the horror which was the beige-mobile, I was strapped up in the back (Sitting in the front was like being on the bloody car bonnet, I tell you!)

I totally underestimated the length of the trip and the fact I was going to be cooped up for a significant amount of time. Nightmare. So I behaved like a dog and held my head out of the window for most of the trip, especially when Jodie started eating a peanut bar and I thought my throat was about to close up. Safe to say it was eventful!

On the road
We took the motorway for a fair bit of the trip, passing so much greenery, it was unreal and we were still technically in the city. When we de-toured off the motorway, we ended up in a more rural area with windy and bendy countryside roads, and it was there, three hours into the drive we made our first pit stop, for me to hurl my 5* french toast breakfast up on the roadside. It wasn't glamorous, it wasn't ideal but was hilarious for the car crew, happily taking photos of the surroundings and taking a nice deep breath of fresh air. I however, needed a little more than fresh air.

But like the soldier I am, I carried on and within an hour we reached the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, 10 minutes late for the final big tour of the day. I felt so bad for the others, If I hadn't have chucked my guts up, we'd have made it.

Green, green and more green!
We opted for a smaller tour, which you couldn't take photos of for some stupid reason, what is the point of going if you can't take photos to take away with you!? So we went to visit the glow worms and have a boat ride out of the caves.

Jodie was sure to document every moment up to the 'No Photography' sign!

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

I wouldn't say the caves were a highlight or even a place I'd re-visit, perhaps we visited the wrong caves, but it didn't float my boat and was a lot of money for 40 minutes in the dark. But being Brits abroad and an Aussie (Not forgetting you Ryan) it was an experience and location we're not a custom to.

Boat trip at Waitomo Glowworm Caves
After our boat trip we spent some time wandering around the greenland, taking photos and stretching our legs.

The exit of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves
Ryan, Heather, Jodie and I
Group selfie!

After stretching our legs, we retreated back to the car for our next adventure and yes, you guessed it, another emergency stop for when i threw up in the back of the car into a carrier bag. I'm evidently nothing but prepared! 

Being sick in the middle of no-where

If you'd like to know why I was in New Zealand you can find out more from this post , read my goodbye New Zealand letter here and find out how I'm finding it back home in the UK here.

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