Travel: A View From Under The Bridge

A lovely view of Auckland
I've previously mentioned the amazing 'Tour Guide' friend we had in Auckland, New Zealand, who fantastically showed us the sights of Auckland and beyond. Nico was incredible and I owe him so much for taking time out to show us Brits about!

One day we went off on a jolly tourist trip and went over the Auckland Harbour Bridge in the car. After the bridge Nico turned down a narrow dirt track, I'd got no idea where we were going until we drove under the Harbour Bridge  and pulled up alongside the water to the most brilliant view of Auckland.

Boats and the calm water
We pulled up in the car just before sunset. The water was calm and the weather settled. It was peaceful, despite being right under the main bridge.

Everyone I'd spoken to said it was difficult to get a view from the bridge as it's cars only and when you're going across in a car it's quite difficult to capture a really good view for more than a few seconds, you are, after all in a car! If it wasn't for Nico, we'd have never have got this view from the other side of the bridge, looking back at the brilliant Auckland!

Such a wonderful view!

I think these images really capture how New Zealand in general is up and coming, it's industries and buildings in cities are all quite close together, it's like looking at London 30 years ago. Auckland is just at the beginning of it development and that's not a detriment to Auckland, It was lovely to be in a city that felt like a town, yet be able to see the building work and development areas they were creating. It'd be super interesting to go back in 20 years, 10 years even, to see all the changes. It's catching up with the rest of the developed world.

Lower tide

Being on the other side of the bridge, we saw lots more moored boats, packed away by their owners, waiting for the gorgeous New Zealand weather. Boats were absolutely everywhere, almost as common as a car!

Team! There was no way they were getting me on that walkway!

I very briefly jollied onto the jetty, but swiftly retreated when I realised it swayed and there wasn't a bar at the end! No chance mate! So I took this photo instead. Perhaps I should have poorly photo shopped my face in!


Not long after that group snap, the sun started to set, it was beautiful, watching the colour of the water appear to change and the evening set in. We drove around the corner and walked along the coastline for a little while, until it was almost dark. We even spotted this anomaly of an island / tree in the middle of the water, the world is a strange and wonderful place.

Random tree on a rock, in the middle of the water

And with that, it was time to head back to the Hotel and prep for the evening!

Clo :)

If you'd like to know why I was in New Zealand you can find out more from this post , read my goodbye New Zealand letter here and find out how I'm finding it back home in the UK here.

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