A letter to London

I think it's the biggest fear in the modern world, terrorism. The idea that a situation is created at any point without warning and the people directly and indirectly effected have no say over a cruel, life or death situation.

That fear was realised for me and so many others yesterday. When London's Westminster was attacked by a terrorist and four people, including a police officer ,serving his country, unfortunately lost their lives through absolutely no fault of their own.

No words or acts of kindness will take away the pain right now from the family and friends of those who lost their lives and those injured in the commotion. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those effected.

I stood, open mouthed watching the tv as the events unfolded. The city I love and consider my home under attack. We sympathise and unite with other countries when terror happens, but it tears you in a different way when it's happening in your own space, a place that you love, spend time in and know like the back of your hand.

But that's the point of terrorism. To cause terror, dismay, chaos and death of innocent people just living their day to day lives.

But London is strong. It's free. One of the best cities in the world. Full of people from many nations, religions and races from across the world and its that diversity that makes London so great. And it's for that reason that London won't cower to terrorism.

I wrote only two days ago about how fortunate I am to have the freedom to roam the streets of this great Capitol city and live the privileged western life that I do. And I know I, like others will not let any act of terror take away that freedom.And it's for that reason that we should go on as normal, as Teresa May stated in her prime minister's speech yesterday evening. By standing strong and uniting we won't let terrorism win.

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