Culture: Early Spring Walks

Whilst on a very brief visit up to Newcastle to see my boyfriend, Adam. We stopped by one of my favourite places in the world, Gibside. I've mentioned the National Trust run space before, but it is one of the most peaceful and idilic places in the UK. I often go to relax, kick back and soak up the sun, whilst being around nature.

With my wellies on and sunshine out, we took the camera along with us to capture spring coming into bloom. I love this time of year, when flowers are coming out, the weather is getting a little better and the days are getting longer. It's a lovely time of year in the UK.

Gibside have a fantastic team of gardeners and volunteers and if I was retired now, I'd go be a volunteer gardner. What a peaceful and rewarding past time. Each time I visit their walled garden, something has changed, theres more plants, more colour and more imaginative projects going on.

Walking through the walled garden, up to the old hall, along the green and up into the woodland, housing all the trees and wildlife.

After a quick nip around, it started to rain. Very typical British weather, great one minute a colossal disaster the next! But Adam decided he'd treat me to a classic lunch: Jacket potatoes, so we sat int he lunch hut tucking into our steaming hot jackets whilst the rain poured down.

Our food was delicious and very filling- there was no room for cake! By the time our food had settled down, the rain had subsided and it was time to head home. It was a lovely afternoon break away from the stress and worries of University and we'll be back again soon!

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