Daily Dose: Monday

Ah, Monday. You weren't as easy as I'd have hoped! I woke up to the alarm and unlike me, hit the snooze button. My head felt like I'd had too many glasses of red wine the night before. The closest thing to vino I'd had was my other late night drinking vice, the americano.

Before the haircut!

This is the week. The week I get shit done and really put my foot to the floor on my project. I need to abandon Netflix, my (minimal) social life in favour of my final round of textbooks, sketchbooks and my love hate: Indesign.

So once I'd stumbled out of my warm and cosy bed, made another, much needed Americano and sipped through Louise Pentland's weekly vlog (amazing new house, well deserved- go independent, self sufficient women!) I slothed getting ready, faffed packing up my eBay parcels and raided my kitchen for snacks for the day ahead. Luckily, last night I made cacao nib vegan flapjacks, ideal.

Off to the hairdressers, then to the library for a mass work session, my outfit was super chill, with my wet hair abandoned (what's the point in faffing when you're going to get it chopped anyway?) and quite literally 'buffed' the excess of my mineral make up powder from my brush onto my freshly moisturised face. Ever the make up artist.

Coffee and bed head

Freshly chopped

After bus-ing it into Worcester, and picking up another coffee I got my hair chopped by Jess at the Fountains training salon after which I browsed the Worcester high street shops. Notably M&S, who really are players nowadays in the style stakes, gone is the grandma aesthetic and in is trend led perfection, many of which are made out of sustainable material or part of the M&S plan A campaign for a more sustainable product and planet. I picked up a fair trade cotton blue jumper with frill arm trim, lovely and soft. Will be fantastic for causal, lazy day chill outfits. Ideal for no fuss, minimal effort style.

Sleek white top

Blue frill jumper

Next up was a quick trip into Rock Follies Vintage, where they had lots of lovely suits and Jaegar jackets, all of which were all too big! Never mind. Last stop before lunch was H&M where I picked up a super cute pink cropped BCI cotton jacket and tried on a lovely floral print that I need to order online in a size 14. Yes, that's right, a 14. Oh how I wish everyone stuck to the same sizing patterns.

A 14, really?

I picked up a baguette from an independent sandwich shop and headed for Worcestershire's Hive library for a spot of final major project domination!

It ended up being a planning session, going through my project brief and seeing what I've already got, what I need to add and what I need to revamp or change graphically. I've planned the whole week, thanks to the motivation from my new book: Get your shit together.

The Hive


It's a good job that I planned everything out for the day and week as after an hour I started to feel unwell again. (I'm still having ovarian and stomach problems) so I packed up and headed home to take some codeine, have a hot water bottle and work from the comfort of my bed.

I worked for a few hours, before being removed from the house by dad for a 'refreshing walk' it did the world of good, before returning back to the laptop. Where I stayed until it was time for bed. I suppose that project isn't going to write itself!

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