Daily Dose: Thursday

Thursday. I had big plans for you, didn't turn out the way I'd have hoped though. But that's ok.


Up relatively early to prep for a trip to Coventry via Birmingham to conduct an interview for my final major project, I packed up my eBay parcel, caught up on the old YouTube subscription box over a fruit bagel and a black coffee and came to terms with the tragedy in London yesterday not being a horrible nightmare. It was real and it had happened.

On the bus into Birmingham I wrote some words about what had happened in London, that I may or may not publish. It's just so sad and I feel very solemn about it, especially in a place that I call home.

Coffee time!

When I got into Birmingham I browsed some shops, before heading to John Lewis in order to prep my interview questions, at which point the interview was cancelled. I could have stayed in bed. Gutted. But like a trooper, I ate my cake and hitched a plan to wisely use my time in the city wisely and beneficially before heading home.

People Tree Trousers

I tried on a couple of people tree pieces, now that it's available in John Lewis, but I just can't currently justify spending £100 on a pair of trousers. I also tried on some Deborah carbon neutral 'dresses' but was struggling with the sizing as this horrific picture highlights. Apparently my hips are not 'standard' size 10, no bother. Won't be wearing this dress to graduation, that's for sure.

Not even close. Never mind!

Back in my own, well fitting clothes I then browsed John Lewis' beautiful visual merchandising and sketched a few ideas of my own out. John Lewis are a great source of visual inspiration since their shake up. I also found some beautiful books all about up cycling and sustainable fashion that are definitely on the wish list, then went in search of a post office. I honestly wish I hadn't bothered. Self serve checkouts at the Royal Mail were designed by Satan and he did a horrific job. Very bad experience, but wasn't as bad as the absolute horrors of the urban outfitters sale section. It's funny, the staff always have nothing to do but the sale department is always such a mess, I think satan had been in there too.

John Lewis

I was after some urban renewal trousers, but at £50 was a little out of my price range for just one pair of second hand trousers, so with time available, I wandered down to the Cow Vintage store down by the practically now empty Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham.
And did I find an absolute FIND. A:Ralph Lauren, navy longline, streamlines 90's blazer for an absolute STEAL at £16 I couldn't believe it. It was a perfect fit. Absolutely gorgeous, chuffed to bits. Always do really well blazer wise in COW and the staff are eventually starting to grow on me now they're cracking a smile.

My new Ralph love

Tommy & Ralph Vintage

Heading back up towards the bullring, I stopped off at bullring market (I've written a full post about this, coming Saturday) for some fresh fruit and veg, without the nasty, non recyclable packaging that you get in the supermarket and a fair few bag fulls later I waddled onto the bus to head home.

With my veggies!

It ended up being a day that wasn't planned, a day off really. Need to crack on tomorrow that's for sure!

Clo :)

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