Daily Dose: Tuesday

I didn't have the best start to Tuesday. I woke up naturally at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep due to the birds singing outside my window. How picturesque. I'd had a rough night and with a commuting to London day I need all the help I can get and that involves as much sleep as possible.

Seven Dials

I've been really restless sleep wise recently; probably due to my mounting university work load and looming adult life where I have to get a full time job and my own place and pay council tax and all that. Urgh. I reasoned with my friends over coffee that this is the epitome of a first world problem and as the media tells us, people die trying to have a life like mine.

Food for thought, huh?

Once at the train station to catch my two hour train into London and with a rumbling stomach and a non existent pre-make lunch, I knuckled and bought a breakfast subway. Now, as a veggie, I didn't have many options and ended up with the most random thing to be eating at 7am: poached egg and cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Gross, I know. I judged my 7am life choices too.

Once on the unusually busy train and sat with the woman who wasn't too keen on moving her handbag so that I could sit down, I attempted to catch up on lost sleep. Two hours of procrastinating and broken day-dreaming later and we pulled into London. No extra sleep for me! Can't wait to be done with this monstrous commute.

Kings Cross Development 

With some time to kill before my uni presentation, I headed off to take some photographs for my project. 1st stop was Kings Cross, up by their coal drops yard development. It's been a while since I've been there last and boy had it changed! They're building so much over their, both commercially and residentially (both mega expensive!) it's such a cool little part of town, with lots of eateries, I'm pretty confident that once it's finished it'll be the it and in place.

I'm looking at pop up retail spaces, which is what brought me that way. The beautiful morning sunshine lit my photos perfectly and after a while taking photos of the buildings and the people, I pit stopped at waitrose to grab a cup of coffee and a pastry. It's such a lovely Waitrose, with really attentive staff and nice clean toilets- bonus!

I sat on the steps, catching a few ray's whilst chomping on my pastry before heading into the illustration gallery to have a browse through their shop.

Kit & Ace

After making my way towards Brunswick, I hopped over to Seven Dials to gander at their pop up shops and seek innovative furniture ideas. There are so many unique and independent shops that are a must see and no matter what time of day it is, there are always people sipping coffee outside cafes on those cute little wooden benches. Inner city calm in the storm that.

Kit and Ace was a highlight, chatting to the very welcoming host downstairs, chatting about their furniture, their beautifully crisp fashion displays and how they move the clothes off their big table display and have dinners for customers! Worth getting on their mailing list- sounds like fun!

Seven Dials

I also stopped by Rokit vintage to browse their trouser section, as up until today I only had one pair of trousers other than my million pairs of jeans. After scouring the racks, trying on a fair few pairs, I found the perfect pair of navy Jaegar tailored wool trousers- result! And at £8 they were a steal! Got to love vintage!

Somerset House

Diving in and out of seven dials, I eventually met the heart of Covent Garden. Full of school trips, high visibility vests at every turn. A Londoners nightmare, so I exited swiftly to Somerset House, one of my favourite London spaces. Snapping the cobbles, building and having a browse through their exhibitions (the box one sounds good!) before taking a gander in their lovely bookstore. Which handily stocks lots of independent art and culture magazines - top tip off!

National Theatre

Wandering across the Waterloo bridge, stopping to photograph Adam's favourite building, the National Theatre before jumping on my train to uni in Epsom.

My presentation went ok. I only messed up the once (brain not engaging with mouth) but the questions at the end made me unable to tell if I did well or not. I quite like presenting, but I'm not a fan of having a list of things I must include in 3 minutes. The strain on creativity is a pain.

After a must needed caffeine fix and lots of scrolling through Pinterest and sighing at my Indesign document, I reviewed the photographs taken this morning on my trusty canon S7 they turned out just great, clear, concise and documentative; everything I hoped to achieve. After popping those into my project, it was time to head home. A busy day of ticking things off my list but not having made too much obvious, print out progress, but tomorrow's another day, which I'll be working towards my final degree project!

Scary how time flys. Not too sure about that having fun part though.

So I'm on the commute back home now, hopefully I'll be home by 10:30pm, ready for a gossip girl, a soya hot chocolate and my comfy bed that I will be in for the following 12 hours. That's the dream.

Things I am grateful for:

The freedom I have to wander around London and experience this great city.

The access to creative sources: art, culture & architecture.

My uni girlies who never fail to crack me up and keep my head above the metaphorical university water and for always being up for a cup of tea.

Clo :)

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