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Hello everyone!

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The past 6 months have been a real game changer for me, if you follow me on Twitter you'll know all about my university dissertation 'Sustainability in the fast fashion supply chain' which has been a real labour of love and personal challenge as it made me question all that I knew, now know and the choices I make going forward. It's challenged me intellectually, ethically and personally and It's had a monumental impact on my lifestyle.

I'm more aware than ever that the choices and purchases I make impact more than just me. If I buy a product; I'm buying into a brand, concept, person who created it, the ethics surrounding that product and overall contributing to the impact that product has created on the planet that is my home. The bigger, wider world picture has become the forefront of my mind now.

With the research for my project I've read devastating facts, encounters and frankly heartbreaking stories about fashion, fashion ethics and fashion sustainability. But it's not just fashion having an impact on the world, other industries are negatively impacting the world too.

It's not just one or even a handful of issues either, it's a monumental mound of problem after problem, left unsolved and hidden for years and because of this never ending list, I'm drowning in information that I'm trying to cohesively process and plan a course of action as to how I can become a better, more sustainable citizen.

Environmentally conscious fashion, culture and lifestyle.

One person can't change the planet, but I don't think my conscious could handle it if I ignored the facts and didn't do anything about making the change I want to see in the world.

I can't live like I used to; knowing what I know now. So I'm having a change of direction. Now I'm fully aware of the impact my purchasing has, I'm taking a stand and voting with my feet. I'm aiming to re-use more, recycle and buy sustainable and ethical as much as possible, making sure my money is spent positively.

We're living in a world wanting more but what we need is less. Now I'm hoping I'm not coming across too 'I'm going to burn my bra!' (That's not sustainable people!) and I'm also not going to paint my blog green (So sustainable cliche) but I hope to share my journey as ever, on this, my blog. So my content will have an extra angle and for that reason and for personal, ethical reasons I will only work on projects that are true to my lifestyle and my beliefs, I know you will understand.

So, here's to sustainability! 

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