Ramble: Some Thoughts

I've been having lots of thoughts about my lifestyle, my ambitions and the world of blogging. More specifically micro blogging and living a life online.

Now, last week one of my favourite blog writers, Hannah Gale wrote a post about how she's seen people posting less content because they're questioning wether their content is polished enough, good enough or 'Goal's' enough. You can read her post HERE, it's a good un' and got me thinking...

All my moving house stuff in the background, but.... New sustainable Lyocell trousers

As a tiny, tiny dot on the blogosphere, someone who posts from time - to - time, has a job and a university degree to complete, I all too often look at others, often full timer content creators and think that mine isn't good enough, polished enough or appealing enough to grow my audience and for a long time now I've been wanting to take my writing and online life in a new, more ethical, sustainable direction and this week it's hit me that I don't need to 'Play by the new aesthetic of blogging' this space is my space, that I have complete control over and in a world full of rules, having a creative outlet that is all your own is a real privilege that I'm going to take full advantage of.

Lulu Guiness, Covent Garden

For university I've been doing a metric f-tonne of consumer research; on how people behave, shop, chill out and live. It's been so insightful and has opened my eyes to a world of diverse and interesting people in this country, and those who share my ethics and values abroad and it's really inspired me to be my truly authentic self and no longer worry about growing an audience, getting paid for sponsorships that cover the costs associated with running a blog and forget about google algorithms, analytics and post promotion. It's tiring and it's boring. I just want to write what i'm feeling and put it out there - on the internet and hope that it helps, informs or updates someone, somewhere in the world.

Somerset House's Bookstore

So i'm going to do more rambling and less polishing, like the old pre 'Full Timer' blogger influx of content. As I don't have the spare time to polish, polish, pose and polish. I'm going to be rough around the edges, different and strive to hit the publish button without too much hesitation or question about perfection.

It seems odd that I started this blog for the whole point of standing against perfection, perfection and showcasing the reality of teenage acne, to show people who were also suffering with it; that it's ok not to be 'Perfect' it was radical back then to be so honest about something so personal, to write about something different. And i'm nothing if not different and that's what this space is going to host more of: Different.

Here's to different!

Clo :)

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