Travel: Queens Wharf, Auckland, New Zealand

Queen's Wharf in Auckland, New Zealand is a small space, right by the harbour, housing pop up and permanent retailers in shipping containers. The idea is nothing new, think Shoreditch, New York, LA. It's been done before, but New Zealand has a lot of shipping containers at its disposal and they're utilising them in an alternative way do drive tourists into the space and they dock in the harbour.

When I visited back in October, it was a little sparse, but it had a friendly and welcoming vibe and I wish I'd have had the chance to go and hang there at night.

I'd say that the pop up spaces were more developed, further designed, which made the space stand out from those I've previously visited. They're designed to adapt to the changing New Zealand weather and be used in the day, as well as at night.

Food, magazines and clothing brands sit along side pop up bars, selling their products to locals, visitors and tourists alike.  I spoke to a few locals who said that New Zealand Fashion Week is becoming a bigger and better event, that demands space and attention and space in and around the pop up spaces, which Is great to hear. It would be even nicer to see more brands in the space out of season, showcasing some of the diverse creations New Zealand and Auckland in particular has to offer.

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