Travel: Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton, London

Testing out the new mini tripod
In late January, after spending much of the month cooped up in the foetus position, recovering from my stomach issues and internal bleeding, it was time for me to step back into the big wide world and become human once more.

As dramatic as it sounds that, my friends is how it felt. It's hard having time off, away from everything and away from people.

So with a works celebration do to attend, it seemed like a good reason to leave my lovely, warm bed to go to another warm and lovely bed, this time in the Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton, London. To be nice and specific about it.

After checking in at around 5:30pm on a Friday, it was a super quick turn around to leaving for my evening event starting at 7pm on the other side of London, but I couldn't help but take a few snaps of my home for the night, to show that you can get more hotel room for your money in the centre of London!

All checked in
My bags were already in the room when I arrived, which was super handy (Especially as the lifts were on the blink) The room had everything you needed in it: A bed, bathroom, a nice big wardrobe and storage area, full length mirror and a big old wooden desk equipt with kettle and fashion magazines. All. I. Need.

It had a TV too, which woke me up with Saturday Kitchen the following hazy morning after a pretty late night. I needed much more sleep that the little 5 hours I got!

Entertainment for the evening!
The bed

The bed was in-between a single and a double, a queen if you will. Comfy, warm with a sideboard. In near reach from the bed for all my morning Instagram and Twitter scrolling.

All the essentials all in one handy place.
The Radisson Blu had everything I needed for my time in the city. There was just one issue. The waste of plastic used on the cups. Such a waste and so environmentally unfriendly. Safe to say I didn't use the cups!

Total waste of plastic - just keep the glasses in a clean place!

Lovely little bathroom

The best bit was the bathroom! Small, with everything you need in easy reach and lots of room for make-up, creams and soaps and a massive mirror above with fantastic lighting for doing your make-up.

All the necessities
Overall a lovely short and sweet stay, that I'd recommend to others, shame about the plastic though. Still aiming for the more sustainable lifestyle! Every little helps!

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