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Fitness: My First Yoga Class


It's been a while, hasn't it? and I'm sorry about that, but as you guys can appreciate, my university final major projects had to take priority, and with them all printed and ready to be handed in; I feel like I'm getting aspects of my life back. One part of my life that I've really let slip is my fitness. First year of uni, I was on-it at the gym; doing up to 6 classes a week: spin, aerobics, LBT, kick boxing, the works. I looked and felt fantastic. But I'll be the first to admit that I don't feel that way right now. My lifestyle over the past two years has been un-healthy and unbalanced, but that's about to change.

First up, yoga. I've been told by so many people that I should check yoga out and give it a go. I've really been aware recently of how I'm struggling with my Aspergers, I need to relax more and be less tense body wise, so when I found out that my favourite coffee shop had a yoga studio upstairs, I was sold.

A small studio in the heart of Worcester city, I had 7 other people in my first class. It was intimate, friendly and I feel really good having been. So good that I sit in the coffee shop sipping on a Teapigs earl grey as I type, feeling fluid, together and a-ok; which isn't for me as easy as it sounds.

The irony of this post and the image being of cake, but it had fruit in it so semi healthy, but totally delicious! I can highly recommend. 
Waylands Yard,6 Foregate St, Worcester WR1 1DB, UK

University: One Week Left

I have just under a week to go until I hand in my final project for university- then that's it, my degree is all done and it's scary. Where did all that time go? Why when I've wanted university to be finished for ages does it feel so daunting.

When I was in college, those at university seemed so much older and together than I was, but now I'm the other side of university I certainly don't feel that to be true.

I now have to go out there and get a job, a good job, one that I really enjoy, one that pays my bills. Bills. That's such an adult thing isn't it? Like council tax and pensions, I don't feel old enough to deal with. OMG the stress.

Soho, London, UK

Travel: Auckland Harbour Bridge, New Zealand

These photographs nearly never existed. I'd been at work for well over 12 hours and had just returned to my hotel to find a bunch of colleagues in a group about to go explore Auckland at night. After twisting my arm, I jumped in the lift, into my room and did a splash and dash before rejoining the group in the lobby, camera at hand to explore the Auckland nightlife.

Waitemata Harbour, New Zealand

Fashion: The Thrill Of Vintage Shopping

There's something about vintage shopping that's unlike anything else and until recently I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. Then I picked up two incredible jackets at Rock Follies Vintage in Worcester and I knew what it was.

Rarely do you go out in search of a specific item, you might know the era or decade you're after but what you find is completely luck of the draw. So far removed from buying something straight off the peg, the same as the other 10,000 produced; vintage is in small qualities, in scattered locations in a variety of conditions.

Worcester, UK

Travel: Edinburgh Mini Break, Day 2

Adam and I started our second day in Edinburgh at Pumpkin Brown in the Grassmarket with a soya late and a camera, taking street style photographs with Adams 50m lens, capturing my travelling outfit and our beautiful architectural surroundings. If you follow me on any of my other social media channels, you'll be able to see his handy work In my updated profile photo, what can I say? He's a talented guy. I think I'll keep him.

Edinburgh, UK

Travel: Mudbrick Vineyard, Waiheke Island

Mudbrick Vineyard is stunning. So calm and beautiful, it was definitely a highlight of my time in New Zealand.

My friend Charlotte and I took the ferry over to Waiheke Island to check out the Island everyone was talking about. It was about a 40 minute ferry journey to the small island off Auckland and it was well worth it, we had a lovely day exploring, climbing rocks with handbags and going down dead ends in the rain. It was fun, exciting and I've never felt more alive.

126 Church Bay Rd, Waiheke Island, Oneroa 1971, New Zealand

Travel: Edinburgh Mini Break: Day 1

After an early morning alarm and a bus journey into Newcastle (I'm staying at Adam at the moment) we were off on our train to Edinburgh and after a little snooze we'd arrived for our three day, two night mini break in Scotland's Capitol. With laptops left behind at home, we packed light and didn't pre make plans in order to relax, live in the moment and step away from the uni work.

First thing was first, coffee. We headed towards the castle winding up the steep roads in search of a coffee shop. We ended up in Thistle, down a side street. A proper builders cafe, small and family run with no soya in sight. Instead I went straight up with an Americano and flicked through the guide book to see what we fancied doing with the day.

We decided to discover and explore the castle; with a massive ticket queue, we ordered online via our phones on the spot and skipped the queue! (I'd highly recommend doing it!) We really enjoyed our time at the castle, with stunning view of the city below, lots to see and do and whisky tasting too, result! It was super windy, so we really got the full Scottish experience!

Edinburgh, UK

Life: The Graduate Panic

I'd say I'm currently in a state of panic. I'm sat on a train into London and have realised that the next time I take this journey, I'll be handing in my BA final major project and university will be over. I just can't believe it, where has the time gone!?

Do you remember in school looking at the older kids and thinking how grown up they were, but now you look at the kids at the age you looked up to and see them as simply children? I used to think people graduating university were so grown up, with their shit together, but now I'm here, I feel like an imposter. I don't feel old enough to be graduating or getting a career or paying council tax. Now is the time I need to know the shit that the didn't but should have taught in school, like taxes, pensions, how to buy a house, getting the career you want and although I know a little, I feel like I need more info. I've started to wonder if anyone at 21 really actually knows what they're doing or is it all a big cover up to make it look like everyone know what they're doing?

Are we just making it up as we go along?

Travel: Auckland Botanical Gardens & Trees

Here are some of my photographs from my trip to Auckland's Botanical Gardens with my friend Gael, the weather was stunning, the sun shining bright and the most of the day was spent soaking up the rays and enjoying all the greenery!

Auckland Botanic Gardens 102 Hill Rd, The Gardens, Auckland 2105, New Zealand

Fashion: What I bought In March

As I compile this post I get the niggling feeling that I never wrote the February edition. After checking I've found I have in fact taken all the necessary photographs, just failed to write, edit and upload. So, with a bit of re-jigging, that post will be up and live prior to this one!

Since January, I've been writing each month (or belated month) about the fashion purchases I've made. Mostly clothing. I'm trying to buy 70% of my wardrobe from second hand or vintage sources in a move to become more environmentally conscious and a better, more considerate western fashion consumer.

So, without further ado; here is what I bought in March...

Covent Garden, London WC2E, UK

Fashion: Flo & Frankie, Auckland

Flo & Frankie Auckland
I was wandering down a high street in Auckland, New Zealand back in October last year, I'd got a very rare Saturday off and decided to spend the whole day out of my hotel room, exploring Auckland, the gallery, the shops and the coffee!

Whilst walking back towards the city centre from the Auckland Art Gallery, I cam across Flo & Frankie a lifestyle and fashion store. It was their opening day, so I headed in to have a gander. I'd describe the store as the ultimate lifestyle store; adorned with plants, books and homeware as well as a beautiful curated collection of clothing.

Shop 26, 2 Nuffield Street, Corner of Nuffield Street and, Remuera Rd, Newmarket, Auckland 1023, New Zealand