Fashion: Flo & Frankie, Auckland

Flo & Frankie Auckland
I was wandering down a high street in Auckland, New Zealand back in October last year, I'd got a very rare Saturday off and decided to spend the whole day out of my hotel room, exploring Auckland, the gallery, the shops and the coffee!

Whilst walking back towards the city centre from the Auckland Art Gallery, I cam across Flo & Frankie a lifestyle and fashion store. It was their opening day, so I headed in to have a gander. I'd describe the store as the ultimate lifestyle store; adorned with plants, books and homeware as well as a beautiful curated collection of clothing.

A fashion lifestyle store

Clothing, accessories and homeware

A fashion home from home

It kind of reminded me of Urban Outfitters mixed with West Elm and Dover St Market, with its specific visual merchandising, use of space and product lifestyle mix.

Lifestyle and homeware section
A feature wall stood at the back of the store, with changeable chalk text on, annotating the selection of denim Frankie & Flo had to offer. They'd added some plants around the text, because you can never have enough plants.

Denim department 

Such a beautiful store

Light, fresh and fashionable!
The personal touches really go the extra mile, with a sales assistant writing your name on the door of your changing room, so your friends can find you with ease, a very clever and welcoming idea.

Personalised fitting room doors!

Lots of greenery!
Despite Auckland being a small place, with very little international brands, I found loads of sources of inspiration whilst I was there. By the time I got back to university, my mind was full of interesting and cool ideas that had developed as a result of my store visits to places like Flo & Frankie. Auckland was a hub of up and coming stores, using eclectic and diverse ideas to encourage their customer into their stores and I really enjoyed exploring them whilst I was there.

A sweet little store

Personal and homely 

I really liked Flo & Frankie and I would have had a shopping spree had I not had a baggage limit to worry about!

Flo & Frankie, Auckland, New Zealand.

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