Fashion: The Thrill Of Vintage Shopping

There's something about vintage shopping that's unlike anything else and until recently I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. Then I picked up two incredible jackets at Rock Follies Vintage in Worcester and I knew what it was.

Rarely do you go out in search of a specific item, you might know the era or decade you're after but what you find is completely luck of the draw. So far removed from buying something straight off the peg, the same as the other 10,000 produced; vintage is in small qualities, in scattered locations in a variety of conditions.

Most of the time when I specifically aim to go to a vintage store, I take as little as possible with me, as true to form vintage is piled high, a treasure trove of trends gone by and I've got to be ready to dig deep to find the gems!

I love the thrill of finding something new to try that I hadn't set out to find. The fit of vintage for me is incredible (great if you have curves!) and I find the proportions in tailoring just right for my body and my body shape.

Because vintage is so unpredictable garment wise, the best thing to do with vintage Ive found is buy what you love, what you set your eyes on and couldn't imaging now not having as part of your wardrobe (kind of like finding a really good man!)

I had such a huge sense of excitement when I walked away from Rock Follies Vintage, the proud new owner of a 70's blue striped blazer and a daring 80's shoulder padded jacket. I'd got my hands on something that was totally unique for 2017 and provided lots of opportunities to experiment and play with style wise!

I'm converted, can you tell!?

Tell me about your vintage hunting in the comments below- do you get the thrill I do?

Clo :)

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