Fashion: What I bought In March

As I compile this post I get the niggling feeling that I never wrote the February edition. After checking I've found I have in fact taken all the necessary photographs, just failed to write, edit and upload. So, with a bit of re-jigging, that post will be up and live prior to this one!

Since January, I've been writing each month (or belated month) about the fashion purchases I've made. Mostly clothing. I'm trying to buy 70% of my wardrobe from second hand or vintage sources in a move to become more environmentally conscious and a better, more considerate western fashion consumer.

So, without further ado; here is what I bought in March...

Brand New

Never let me go t-shirt H&M £12.99

A lovely oversized tee for my forthcoming trip to New York. Light weight and versatile styling wise, so ideal to travel with, made of 100% viscose, so not as environmentally friendly as Lyocell or Tencel, but better than brand new acrylic or polyester (BAD BAD BAD!)

Tencel trousers H&M £24.99

Oh boy, these are going to be my summer staple- they're gorgeous! High waisted, turned up bottomed, Lyocell trousers in khaki. A little on the thin side, so I'm hand washing for caution, but they are beautiful styled with espadrilles, denim tips and shirts and statement safari earrings. I'm planning a safari themed summer, you heard it here first. Now all I need is the fabulous weather!

Knickers from sample sale £5

Now this item makes me sad. I bought these quite literally 'jazzy pants' at a sample sale that was happening in the same building as the Newcastle vintage kilo sale a few weeks ago, which I talk about later in this post.

It was hosted by an upcoming independent underwear label, who were selling their seconds in aid of charity. Years ago I used to work in lingerie and am in need of some new underwear, so was more than happy to have a browse and support a small brand. Unfortunately they didn't have my bra size, but I picked up a pair of frilly knickers for £5. It was only when I got outside that I discovered they were 100% polyester and without sounding like a drama queen, I thought I was about to cry and apparently my boyfriend thought i would too. I'd just bought something that I was whole heartedly against, but wouldn't return due to it being money donated to charity. So, with this in mind I will wear these pants until they fall apart in order to maximise their life cycle. I will then send them to polyester recycling so they can be disposed of properly.

Even those truly dedicated to shopping sustainably and ethically slip up from time to time.

Now onto the supper fun stuff...

Second Hand & Vintage Fashion

Long line 90s etch blazer £16

Amazing. Simply stunning. A bargain at £16 from Cow vintage in Birmingham. A lovely 90's long line fit, that's very flattering on the waist and my top half considering it cuts off at the largest and widest part of my body, my thighs.

Long line 90s Ralph Lauren blazer £15

What a bloody bargain! Legit RL with complete set of buttons! Navy Lin line blazer with gold RL buttons, fully lined with velour like subtle collar to break up the look. Such a great piece to simply throw on top of anything: can be dressed up or dressed down. Love love love. Navy is so timeless and a much better colour against my pasty skin tone. £16. Steal.

Red cardigan from the kilo sale £7

This was a purchase from the kilo sale in Newcastle, which I must say, was a massive disappointment, it was full of American seconds, really poor quality pieces and brand new mass produced jewellery from China. Wouldn't have said it was 'vintage' vintage. I took my boyfriend, Adam along and he was able to find more pieces than I did! Unbelievable. I walked away with this oversized red cardigan, with gold button detailing, it's a little pulled on the arms, but it's got some life left in it yet! It's 100% wool, so is a good investment piece in a gorgeous, statement red colour. Can't go wrong with red!

Cropped vintage jaeger navy wool trousers £8

These are too good. I was doing some retail research in Covent Garden / Seven Dials (read about it here) and stopped by Rokit's store. Their Covent Garden location is spacious, easy to shop and accessible. Whilst their staff could be a little friendlier and engaging,they could have thrown these Jaeger trousers in my face and I'd have bought them (edit: on reflection, no I wouldn't have!) At £8 they are a total bargain: navy blue, fantastic condition, hardly worn in a 30 inch. High rise sitting with belt lips, pickets and zipper. Cropped, to flash a little ankle, just how I like them. Smart and versatile for modern vintage chic. The only downside was that they charges me 50p extra because I paid by card, now that people, is a vintage concept. Annoying.

I'm still loving the thrill of vintage shopping, raiding and rummaging and I find I'd much rather do it in store than online. I'm enjoying having a diverse range of clothing,
Mixing and matching from different eras and not liking or having the same clothes as everyone else. It feels good to be and look different.

So the wardrobe is looking bright and colourful, smart and fun all at the same time and that's how it will stay!

Can you tell I'm a fashion student? haha

Until next time!

Clo :)

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