Life: The Graduate Panic

I'd say I'm currently in a state of panic. I'm sat on a train into London and have realised that the next time I take this journey, I'll be handing in my BA final major project and university will be over. I just can't believe it, where has the time gone!?

Do you remember in school looking at the older kids and thinking how grown up they were, but now you look at the kids at the age you looked up to and see them as simply children? I used to think people graduating university were so grown up, with their shit together, but now I'm here, I feel like an imposter. I don't feel old enough to be graduating or getting a career or paying council tax. Now is the time I need to know the shit that the didn't but should have taught in school, like taxes, pensions, how to buy a house, getting the career you want and although I know a little, I feel like I need more info. I've started to wonder if anyone at 21 really actually knows what they're doing or is it all a big cover up to make it look like everyone know what they're doing?

Are we just making it up as we go along?

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