Travel: Auckland Harbour Bridge, New Zealand

These photographs nearly never existed. I'd been at work for well over 12 hours and had just returned to my hotel to find a bunch of colleagues in a group about to go explore Auckland at night. After twisting my arm, I jumped in the lift, into my room and did a splash and dash before rejoining the group in the lobby, camera at hand to explore the Auckland nightlife.

We started our walk at the Auckland Harbour, where we were all staying and with our trusty local tour guide and friend Brandon at hand, we were in for a great night.

Auckland is very, very quiet in contrast to London, or Birmingham or anywhere in the UK for that matter. Before this night, we'd been clubbing a few times and even that had seemed quiet in comparison, but this night was all about the scenery at night, the lights and the night lit views.

We walked beyond the museum and the harbour, towards the bridge, passing restaurants, shipping container pop-ups and art installation pieces.

Getting a great glimpse of the sky tower at night along with lots of other people, out on romantic evening strolls. Unfortunately it was too late for pizza, much to my stomachs disappointment! But we walked on into the darkness, until there were very few street lights left.

We walked past the skate park and basketball court, full of locals playing out late, we chilled for a little while before climbing the view point to see the city from above. I wish I'd have had the time to go back during the daytime!

The viewing point not only provided great views, but was the backdrop for a spontaneous photoshoot within the group. Got to get those holiday snaps. Mine are super cringe and will not be gracing the pages of my blog! But it was all good fun!

Beyond the viewing point, we meandered through a park, and just kept on walking, by this point my feet were super sore and I needed a pizza, real bad. It was about midnight at this point and I had no clue what we were aiming to reach, quite literally in the dark. Safe to say we'd have turned back around if Brandon wasn't such a confident tour guide, and that confidence really paid off.

Reaching another side of the harbour, with loads of boats moored for the night, we could see the Auckland Harbour Bridge all lit up, glowing in the night sky, with light flares and reflections everywhere, it was beautiful.

Turning around, the view of the city was my favourite. We were roughly about 2 miles away, but it looks a lot closer due to my camera's zoom.

Just look at those light reflection! It was great to see another (and much prettier) side of the bridge.

Whilst my feet did hurt and I was hangry, I'm grateful Brandon took us out and showed us another size of the city that we otherwise wouldn't have seen and I'm grateful my friends dragged me out for the views, even if I was tired and only ended up getting three hours sleep before getting up to go to work again!

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