Travel: Edinburgh Mini Break: Day 1

After an early morning alarm and a bus journey into Newcastle (I'm staying at Adam at the moment) we were off on our train to Edinburgh and after a little snooze we'd arrived for our three day, two night mini break in Scotland's Capitol. With laptops left behind at home, we packed light and didn't pre make plans in order to relax, live in the moment and step away from the uni work.

First thing was first, coffee. We headed towards the castle winding up the steep roads in search of a coffee shop. We ended up in Thistle, down a side street. A proper builders cafe, small and family run with no soya in sight. Instead I went straight up with an Americano and flicked through the guide book to see what we fancied doing with the day.

We decided to discover and explore the castle; with a massive ticket queue, we ordered online via our phones on the spot and skipped the queue! (I'd highly recommend doing it!) We really enjoyed our time at the castle, with stunning view of the city below, lots to see and do and whisky tasting too, result! It was super windy, so we really got the full Scottish experience!

After spending more than half the day at the castle, we headed towards the hotel, via Subway the sandwich shop, to use up some foot long sandwich vouchers, we were well and truly ready for food by the time we got there!

I wish I could say I was prepared for the check into our hotel that turned out to be the hotel of horrors: Belmore hotel. It's not 4 stars. It's not even a star, I'm never allowed to book a hotel again according to Adam and to be fair, I shouldn't be allowed to after this truly horrific stay. Ew.ew.ew is all I have more to say.It was vile, I'd rather have slept in the garden.

Not wanting to spend more time than necessary in the 'hotel room' we headed to the cinema to see the new remake of beauty and the beast. That, coupled with a big bar of chocolate cheered me up a-plenty. It's such a heart warming film and I'll admit, a bit of a tear jerker.

After the sunset, we headed back into Grassmarket for some delicious pizza at Mamas and finished the night off with a Scottish beer in the pub on the corner. To my surprise it was £10 for two beers, just like in London and I'm not even a beer drinker; should have stuck to my usual water at that price!

That was our first day in Edinburgh over and back to the hotel room we went....


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