Travel: Edinburgh Mini Break, Day 2

Adam and I started our second day in Edinburgh at Pumpkin Brown in the Grassmarket with a soya late and a camera, taking street style photographs with Adams 50m lens, capturing my travelling outfit and our beautiful architectural surroundings. If you follow me on any of my other social media channels, you'll be able to see his handy work In my updated profile photo, what can I say? He's a talented guy. I think I'll keep him.

From the Grassmarket we trekked up the hill onto the Royal mile and walked the full mile to Hollyrood, getting a great view of Arthur's seat and those making their way up that mammoth hill! We wandered through to Hollyrood house and gallery, but weren't too fussy about going in, instead we headed into the Scottish Parliament to have a look in the chamber and information gallery. It's a fantastic building, with lots of angles and architectural quirks to look at!

We'd filled the morning by this point, so we headed back up the Royal mile, stopping at the unknown pleasures record store, where we picked up some classic vinyl in a great record store, or so Adam tells me- what do I know!? What I do know is that Mimi's bakery further up the road is the best bakery in Edinburgh with the most innovative, scrumptious cakes ever. They were amazing! We sat in store with a jammy dodger slice and cream egg brownie over a Scottish classic, an iron Bru, the epitome of a chilled city getaway me thinks!

The Royal mile market was our next stop, with an eclectic mix of clothing, jewellery and homewares, but quite tightly packed with tourists! One place you'd expect tourists to flock to is the national gallery of Scotland but when we went it wasn't too busy. The interestingly set building houses huge paintings, galleries and exhibitions that we browsed through and admired from the comfort of their spectator gallery seating.

Feeling the huge amount of walking we'd been doing, we headed back towards the hotel for a rest prior to dinner. Strolling through Prince St. park, admiring the stunningly kept grounds of this open public park, the windy weather appeared to subside, leaving beautiful sun shining through, it was lovely.

On our walk back to the hotel, we stopped by the vintage store, Herman Brown after i read about it online. It's truly one of the best vintage shopping experiences I've had: a great, supper high quality collection of clothing, shoes and accessories displayed in a browsable, shopable way, far removed from the finds on brick lane. It was great, it's a shame I didn't manage to take more photographs. I'd highly recommend taking a look if you're a vintage shopper, it really is a lovely place.

After chilling in the hotel for a while, we headed back into the centre for dinner. I'd read online about a place called panda and sons, but when we got there they were closed! I was super disappointed as i'd seen amazing images online of their fantastic cocktails, still in the mood for pre dinner drinks, Adam and I wandered further down the streets Adam stumbled upon the lucky liquor co. Fresh and airy with lots of unique delicious cocktails, we couldn't say no. We both ordered something different to what we'd usually have and our bartender was lovely, attentive and very talented, cocktail making is an art form I can totally get on board with!

We drunk our drinks before wandering back onto the Royal mile for dinner. The restaurant we'd picked had ran out of vegetarian options: what a nightmare! So we sort out an alternative over the road at Shamoli, an Indian and Thai restaurant where we ended up having a right little veggie feast, it was a delight.

With heavy tummies, we strolled towards Edinburgh castle, stopping at the jolly judge pub on the way for a night cap. The jolly judge was warm, cosy and bustling with people, it was a wonderful way to round off our second day in Scotland's Capitol city!


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