Travel: Mudbrick Vineyard, Waiheke Island

Mudbrick Vineyard is stunning. So calm and beautiful, it was definitely a highlight of my time in New Zealand.

My friend Charlotte and I took the ferry over to Waiheke Island to check out the Island everyone was talking about. It was about a 40 minute ferry journey to the small island off Auckland and it was well worth it, we had a lovely day exploring, climbing rocks with handbags and going down dead ends in the rain. It was fun, exciting and I've never felt more alive.

We headed to Mudbrick near the end of our day on the island. The sun was setting and it had started to rain, but we had our hearts set on visiting a vineyard whilst we were there. Lucky, very luckily actually, Charlotte had cell service and an international plan, which we'd have been completely lost without. We picked the best looking vineyards and one with a deserts menu and off we headed through the hills as it started to rain.

It may sound, at this point, like something straight out of a movie and New Zealand really did feel like that to me. It's so very far removed from my life back in London. It's peaceful, empty and you really are able to let your mind just wander.

There were plenty of wineries closer, but we wanted the best. This was one of our final days in Auckland and we wanted to make the most of it. Charlotte and I are real adventurers, so we took the hill ridden, pathless walk in our stride, but it's true what they say, New Zealand is a country for drivers, and I can vouch this is true for the islands too.

I've never seen so much undisturbed greenery before. It took my breath away and I wish I could be back there now, just without being there for work.

Eventually, after some hill climbs and serious leg toning, we arrived. Mudbrick vineyards and restaurant was ready and waiting. At this point, the sun picked up and started to shine, lighting up a truly glorious view of Auckland city in the distance.

I wish I could go back, and take in this moment again, the peace, the quiet, the view and of course, the wine. We'd walked a long way, so a large was needed and we'd earnt a desert.

Triple chocolate layers, with honey comb ice cream on top for good measure. Char and I soaked up the rays, the view and the wine.

Sunglasses were needed at this point, Mudbrick has a restaurant of glass, allowing the natural light in, and the outside indoors. We sat there in our sunnies talking about just how fortunate we were.

Mudbrick has a stunning garden, as well as its vineyard, that really sets the scene. After desert, we wandered out onto the patio to finish our glasses, whilst in the sunshine.

Once we'd finished our wine and had a little stroll through the shop and the garden, we headed back towards central Waiheke to catch the ferry back to our home for the month, Auckland.

Whilst I wished I'd have discovered Waiheke a little earlier in our trip, I'm glad it's how we spent our last day off and I'll be forever remembering that day, via hilarious Facebook posts and stunning pictures of this beautiful Island that I'm sure that I'll return to, some day.

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