University: One Week Left

I have just under a week to go until I hand in my final project for university- then that's it, my degree is all done and it's scary. Where did all that time go? Why when I've wanted university to be finished for ages does it feel so daunting.

When I was in college, those at university seemed so much older and together than I was, but now I'm the other side of university I certainly don't feel that to be true.

I now have to go out there and get a job, a good job, one that I really enjoy, one that pays my bills. Bills. That's such an adult thing isn't it? Like council tax and pensions, I don't feel old enough to deal with. OMG the stress.

The jobs market is competitive, especially in fashion, especially in London and it's hard to sum up your qualities and experience in a tiny little box. I find it hard putting my experience and interests into words, I feel like I'm one of those face to face job people, which isn't ideal, when everything's done via a computer or piece of paper.

I've got so many friends who've got degrees, but aren't in a relevant industry, years after graduation, who are hammering home to me to not get lost in the graduate system and to get my foot on the industry ladder.

I hope it's not just me who's feeling the graduate pressure. The general consensus at uni is that people need a time out before starting work. Some are going travelling, others taking a short burn off steam session somewhere hot and I honestly don't blame them, if I had the money or lived off the bank of dad I'd go too.

But for now, I've got to figure things out for myself, on home ground.

Just some thoughts,
Here's to the next chapter,


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