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Career: I'm Leaving H&M

Hello Im Clo, Career at H&M 02

So! The time has come, today is my last shift at H&M, it's been over two years since I started the job I don't even remember applying for in the first place and it feels like I'm closing off a very important chapter of my life. I get lots of questions about working at H&M and as I am officially no longer an employee, I thought I'd answer some of those questions, whilst documenting some of my experiences I've had, that I can look back on when I'm old and grey or if I ever need to give my future children career advice and the brains a bit hazy. (Talk about planning in advance.

First up!  Why am I leaving H&M?  I have a new job! I'm off to work in research, concept development and future forecasting at an agency in London. I'm putting my degree to use and pursuing something I'm truly motivated by and excited about.  I've learnt a lot at H&M and I'm going transfer some of that knowledge into my new job.

Worcester, UK

Creative: Documenting Summer Fashion Trends

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My drawing looks like a five year olds self portrait, my painting isn't much better, but since around 14 I've been interested in Fashion: the colours, the shapes and the undeniable personalities. I've loved  watching, working in fashion and studying fashion and have along the way developed my own way of expressing my creative ideas.

Originally, the only magazine I'd read with fashion in it was The Times weekend supplements. My dad bought the paper and I always had the magazine, I also read The Times LFW supplements at school in the library, that was before I had my own money to go out and get fashion magazines. My earliest fashion magazine memory is subscribing to Vogue and having it thud through the porch and onto the ground. I'd dive on it and mark the pages, writing notes and ideas on the advertisements, interviews and outfits I liked.

Birmingham, UK

Fashion: Rokit London, Vintage Haulternative

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 15

Rokit vintage is my current go-to for clothing. I'm board of the high street, mass produced, poor fit and fast, throw away fashion that's on offer. Vintage fits me better and each piece is pretty much unique. From a sustainable point of view, it's great to give a second hand item some tlc and stop it going to landfill. With that in mind, I'm always looking out for cool vintage stores and charity shops to have a gander in.

Rokit has become my go-to vintage brand recently (Did you see me up-cycle a briefcase from Rokit for art supplies?) I regularly pop into the Rokit in Covent Garden during my walk between Waterloo and Euston to rummage through their vintage and retro pieces. There's lots of choice for guys and girls and  their pieces doesn't come with the hefty 'vintage' price tag. The staff are cool and will always help you out when you get stuck in a top (happened) or when you leave one of your vintage finds behind (Also happened)

So here are some of my latest purchases from Rokit and a little insight into how I personally plan to style them. I'm aiming to create a YouTube video soon, styling each of these pieces, I'm just waiting for the British weather to perk up a bit so I can film in natural light, without getting soaked in the rain!

42 Shelton St, London WC2H 9HZ, UK

Culture: Coombe Abbey Country Park

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With a Sunday off work, Dad and I headed out for a day in the sunshine, without too much of a plan I packed a picnic for good measure. We starting the day by visiting my Nan and catching up over a cup of tea and a few biscuits and it was then we decided to head to Coombe Abbey Country Park.

It was my Dad's suggestion, he grew up in Coventry and hadn't been there for years and the weather was looking perky, so we headed for Coombe.
Coombe Country Park, Brinklow Rd, Binley, Coventry CV3 2AB, UK

Lifestyle: Books, Books & More Books!

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It's been a few weeks since I completed university and I finally feel like I'm getting a little bit of balance back into my life, both personally and professionally. My new found time has allowed me to relax and take time with some of my favourite passions. Reading is one of those passions. I've always been a big reader, despite being a little slow due to my dyslexia and requiring a reading viser. I love nothing better than a good book and a steaming hot cup of coffee. I can be anywhere in the world enjoying a book and a book can too transport me anywhere.

Worcestershire, UK

Fashion: Charity Shop Haul

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Charity shop shopping has a bad rep. It's often assumed that charity shops only sell the things that people don't want, which is true, but another persons trash is another persons treasure.

After investigating fashion supply chains and fashion disposal during my final year of university, I took Traid's pledge to source 70% of my wardrobe from second hand sources and the other 30% from sustainable and ethical brands and makers.

Worcester, UK

Culture: Baddesley Clinton

Baddesley Clinton, Culture Blogger, Hello Im Clo 15

A couple of weeks ago, Dad and I went out on a day trip, making the most of our National Trust memberships, to one of their properties not too far away from us, Baddesley Clinton. It's a National Trust house and garden famous for it's priest holes and tudor history. As a kid, I went there on a school trip and vividly remember dressing up and learning about Henry VII's wives. Our trip was less about history and dressing up and much more about relaxing, enjoying the good weather and seeing the summer flowers coming out to bloom!

Baddesley Clinton, Rising Ln, Knowle, Solihull B93 0DQ, UK

Life: Revamping Hello I'm Clo


With sometime before I start the next phase of my career, I've decided to have a little re-brand on my social media platforms and blog. I've now got the time (and the energy) to do all the things I've been wanting to do, both creatively and technically on my social media and blog. I've been keeping note of all my ideas in my Moleskine journal and have even focus grouped some of my ideas over lunch with some of my favs, which gave me a little confidence boost, I'm not going to lie.

Hello I'm Clo

So! without further ado- this is what's happening: My photos are going to change, my layout is going to change and I'm going to start creating Youtube video content again. For a long time I've been putting off creating direct to camera youtube footage, due to hate comments on my previous attempts and fear of being 'discovered' by someone at uni, but life is too short to not give something a try and I feel that now is the best time to start. I have creative ideas, technical ability and feel really comfortable within my own skin, knowing my true identity. I've grown up and know what I'm all about. I'm not a teen trying styles on for size, whilst floundering to find my personality anymore.

London, UK

Thrifting: Organising My Art Supplies, Vintage Style.

Hello everyone!

I'm back! I've finished university and am ready to go into the world of work, adult hood and pick up the blogging once again! Today's post combines two of my favourite things to do: vintage thrifting and crafting. During the final weeks of university I was very hands on with my project, taking over my Dad's dining room table with spray cans, materials, cotton bols and scrap store bits and bobs. It was full on, but worth it as no matter the grade, I'm proud and pleased with the work I produced. I even filmed it too, so keep your eyes peeled for a 'Making Of' video sometime soon.

With so much cutting, spraying, painting and Uhu gluing having been done, once I'd handed in, it was a real clear up operation to get the dining room back to normal, no uhu in sight. I'd ended up buying things specifically for my project, so when It came to packing away, there simply wasn't enough space in my current art supplies storage set up. With my flat move on the horizon, I'd been thinking about how I could store my art stuff going forward and had toyed with the idea of using a vintage suitcase, to keep everything all in one place.

Covent Garden, London WC2E, UK