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My drawing looks like a five year olds self portrait, my painting isn't much better, but since around 14 I've been interested in Fashion: the colours, the shapes and the undeniable personalities. I've loved  watching, working in fashion and studying fashion and have along the way developed my own way of expressing my creative ideas.

Originally, the only magazine I'd read with fashion in it was The Times weekend supplements. My dad bought the paper and I always had the magazine, I also read The Times LFW supplements at school in the library, that was before I had my own money to go out and get fashion magazines. My earliest fashion magazine memory is subscribing to Vogue and having it thud through the porch and onto the ground. I'd dive on it and mark the pages, writing notes and ideas on the advertisements, interviews and outfits I liked.

I kept most of my Vogue catalogue until I came to move to university,  there just wasn't room for it. It was at that point I got serious about documenting my ideas, thoughts and page peels. I not only had a vogue backlog, I had boxes upon boxes of clippings, cut outs and bits and pieces I'd picked up at galleries, exhibitions, trade shows and shops. I was becoming a magpie for all things fashion that were creative, design led and drew me in.

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My down time at University in my first year (other than reading) was all about the magazines, the cutting out and scrapbooking collections together documenting the seasons beauty, fashion and lifestyle trends. I was very heavily focused back then on beauty and I'd say a huge chunk of my scrapbook collection was focused on beauty. As I developed my interests, the piles of documents grew and grew. These boxes became my source of inspiration, I'd create mood boards, scrapbooks and mock ups using text, images and layouts that I'd found on my travels.  My university friends would be able to tell you a bunch of stories about me and my mood boards rocking up to tutorials ,big boards in toe and no actual written report to show. I always start with the visuals and always end up with the report in the end!

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At some point in second year I started to digitalise my cut outs to save space and make them more accessible. I also started to scan parts of books and magazines straight in, rather than collecting paper in the bottom of my rucksack. Because of this I've got a fantastic library of bits and bobs: interesting fonts, layouts, styling pieces, colours and patterns to draw inspiration from and all available via a few clicks on my laptop. But it isn't as fun! I love the gluing and sticking part of creating collections. I want the best of both worlds, the tangibility as well as the digital aspects.

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Fast forward to now, when I've got some spare time on my hands. The boxes are coming out, the scissors are too and whilst watching scary documentaries on Netflix and sipping a cuppa, I'm wading through huge collections of paper to file ideas away for later digitalisation and mood boarding and despite collecting for years, I'd missed the most obvious and easy way to store them; in a ring binder. Simple and to the point. I'm poly pocketing trends or ideas together, popping a post it in to label them and putting them into a neutral and natural brown card A4 ring binder. It couldn't have been more simple and things are now so much easier to find!

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The binders I'm using are years old and made of recycled paper (Excellent, very sustainable) and the poly pockets plastic document holders I'm using are from my very extensive stationary collection I've be hoarding since I was about 8. It's not the most sustainable thing to use and I won't be buying anymore, but I have them already and it's better to use what you have rather than go out and buy more (Conscious consumerism, right here.) I am of course recycling all my paper and card offcuts through my local collection service.

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This week I've been focusing on Spring/ Summer 17 trends in fashion. All the cuts, colours, pattens and key designers. It's been nice to collate all the different magazine coverage together to see all the choices available this season. As I'm a conscious fashion consumer and very focused on sustainable and ethical fashion, these magazine cut outs allow me to develop and style pieces into outfits from my existing wardrobe to be on trend in a cost efficient, conscious way.

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Having ideas documented by trends, in a ring binder is so much better than in a large box full of paper all over the place and I'm surprised I didn't do it sooner, It's weird considering all other areas of my life are very much OCD central. Perhaps fashion makes me relax more? Unlikely. 

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Let me know If you'd like me to show you some of the collated scrapbook pieces and cut outs I've created and saved for the Spring/ Summer 17 trends! Otherwise, keep an eye on my social media channels for some product pictures, outfits and seasonal styling hints and tips throughout the season!


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