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Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 15

Rokit vintage is my current go-to for clothing. I'm board of the high street, mass produced, poor fit and fast, throw away fashion that's on offer. Vintage fits me better and each piece is pretty much unique. From a sustainable point of view, it's great to give a second hand item some tlc and stop it going to landfill. With that in mind, I'm always looking out for cool vintage stores and charity shops to have a gander in.

Rokit has become my go-to vintage brand recently (Did you see me up-cycle a briefcase from Rokit for art supplies?) I regularly pop into the Rokit in Covent Garden during my walk between Waterloo and Euston to rummage through their vintage and retro pieces. There's lots of choice for guys and girls and  their pieces doesn't come with the hefty 'vintage' price tag. The staff are cool and will always help you out when you get stuck in a top (happened) or when you leave one of your vintage finds behind (Also happened)

So here are some of my latest purchases from Rokit and a little insight into how I personally plan to style them. I'm aiming to create a YouTube video soon, styling each of these pieces, I'm just waiting for the British weather to perk up a bit so I can film in natural light, without getting soaked in the rain!

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 8

First up, I have a new job, so I'm looking for pieces that show my personality whilst looking like a fully fledged grown up and being work appropriate. If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know I love my prints and pops of colour and as I have a pear shaped body, I usually pop print on my top half to balance out my wider hips and thunder thighs, hence why there's major print overload and shirts, shirts and more shirts!

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 9

This first piece is stunning. It was the first blouse I spied in the front of the store and quickly scooped it into my arms. It was this very same top that I got trapped in as I couldn't undo the button at the back once it was on my body, not for love nor money. 

With shoulder pads sewn in, I plan to take these out, to allow more arm movement, after all this 3/4 length sleeve number can hold it's own in the style steaks, no shoulder pads required. 

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 7

I'd style this blouse with a neutral bottom, like these straight Navy trousers. A free flowing lengthy pair, I'll either have these turned up to go with flats, or keep them long to wear with wedges in the summer.

Navy is a really flattering colour for me, being pale, navy looks a lot more classic and colourful against my skin than black does. I'm a big fan of navy trousers, but find it hard to find them on the high-street, despite navy making a come back this S/S 17 season. Vintage colouring is exquisite and vintage trousers are designed to fit a more curvy shape, thing wide hips, high waists and pear shaped bodies. Made for me. 

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 12

I think with a few tucking in styling tricks and careful placement of sleeves, I could wear this flowery blouse with these navy trousers too. I could also dress it down with blue turned up jeans and brown brogues. Whilst this blouse is stunning, It doesn't half make my eyes go funny looking at it on the screen!

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 5

The open v neck collar allows a flash of flesh, breaking up the constant print and not making me look like a walking carpet. Whilst classing prints are in right now, I won't be clashing, I'll be going of a plain bottom to keep the look interesting, yet clean.

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 6

Whilst not a vintage number, just second hand, this: sustainable, vegan and eco friendly Matt & Natt bag will come in handy for days out or browsing the shops, with three pockets and a simple adjustable strap it can be included in the flowery blouse, jeans and brogues combo for a relaxed, casually styled look for transeasonal dressing for Spring / Summer and Summer / Autumn when print and sleeves are required.

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 13

No idea what happened to the colouring in the photos, but this bag is definitely a light brown, not this olive colour!

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 14

This next blouse is a visual representation of my personality. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the print! The cut is really interesting too, with the added defined pleats around the neck, it's very different compared to what's available clothing wise in fashion shops right now and despite having a massive hole in the seam, I had to have it.

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo,2

Vintage blouses and skirts are so stylistically versatile: with jeans, a leather skirt, smart trousers or with smart black dungarees and heels. They instantly make a statement. Can you tell I live and communicate through clothes? (Edit: One of the most fashion student things I've ever said.)

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 3

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 4

I can easily mend this with some stitching and considering I'm planning to tuck it into trousers and skirts, it'll looks just fine. You won't be able to see the mend and make do re-sewn area and for £6 I wasn't going to let it slip through my fingers! It's a must have for my print fuelled wardrobe.

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 1

Speaking of must haves... I made two trips to Rokit Vintage in Covent Garden, the day I picked these gems up. I bought everything above in the morning, before meeting some girlfriends for lunch. I was chatting about my purchases and showing the girls the photos I'd taken in the changing rooms, when I came across me wearing this STATEMENT pussy bow blouse. The picture was a game changer. I needed it in my wardrobe. It hasn't got much hanger appeal, but it really suited me and the girls agreed It was a 'Me' piece I needed in my wardrobe. With that I basically ran back to Rokit, praying to the vintage gods as I ran for it still to be there. I must have looked mental. But you can't wait on vintage. When it's gone, it's gone and you won't find it again.

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 10

Luckily it was still there. I basically lunged at the counter to make it mine, only to be greeted by the person who served me that same morning. They were having de ja vu big time. But I got my hands on a very unique piece that I will wear with confidence. Each time I look at it i'm remembered of an out of breath blonde hot pacing it through Covent Garden all in the name of fashion. Could I be any more dramatic? I think not.

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 11

Rokit London Vintage Haul, Hello Im Clo, 15

So yeah! All of these goodies for £55, not bad! Beautiful quality, stand out pieces and all from a sustainable, second hand source, stopping clothing going to landfill . Who said second hand fashion wasn't fun!?


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