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With sometime before I start the next phase of my career, I've decided to have a little re-brand on my social media platforms and blog. I've now got the time (and the energy) to do all the things I've been wanting to do, both creatively and technically on my social media and blog. I've been keeping note of all my ideas in my Moleskine journal and have even focus grouped some of my ideas over lunch with some of my favs, which gave me a little confidence boost, I'm not going to lie.

Hello I'm Clo

So! without further ado- this is what's happening: My photos are going to change, my layout is going to change and I'm going to start creating Youtube video content again. For a long time I've been putting off creating direct to camera youtube footage, due to hate comments on my previous attempts and fear of being 'discovered' by someone at uni, but life is too short to not give something a try and I feel that now is the best time to start. I have creative ideas, technical ability and feel really comfortable within my own skin, knowing my true identity. I've grown up and know what I'm all about. I'm not a teen trying styles on for size, whilst floundering to find my personality anymore.

It's been funny, going through my YouTube account, re-watching private videos, howling with laughter at my ammeter filming and super disgraceful, messy teen bedroom. But it's those memories coming to life on screen, through my own making thats shown me just how far I've come and in a weird way, It's been interesting to step back into my old life. I was planning to wipe the Youtube slate clean, but those videos were an accurate representation of my life at the time, and I can't pretend that they didn't happen, so I'm going to keep them live for the future Clo to look back on and for you guys to have a good laugh.

Hello I'm Clo Edinburgh April 2017

In terms of the blog, the back content won't change. I've got no interest in deleting the past, I may go through and re-format, but 5 years of content is a lot to go through! I'll never remove content intentionally, I remember last year, or perhaps the year before when I deleted about 60 posts I felt like I'd lost a limb. My life, shared online had gone. The things I'd written about, disappeared and I didn't like that feeling, I like to look back on events, products, interests and what my life was like at that given moment, in the most un-narcasistic way possible. The blog, past and present is here to stay!
I will however be creating a new addition that will be within each blog post: audio. My friends have been telling me for some time that when they read my blog, they read it in my voice and in my tone and I've never really thought about how others hear me, so I'm going to sound cloud my audio so everyone can hear it, the way I hear it in my head, this will also be a fantastic addition for my fellow dyslexics (lol, I spelt it wrong, then used autocorrect.) I all too often struggle reading people's blogs, hearing their tone and know if this was an option on someones blog I'd use it. It won't be for everyone, it'll be optional, but it will be there. Perhaps it'll give my content more depth, I'm not sure, but I'm going to give it a go.

And I think that's everything! My photos and social profiles will be the first thing to change, as my super handsome man has kindly donated his epic photography services to help me on my blog! So keep your eyes peeled and your ears prepped and ready! I'm very excited!


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