Thrifting: Organising My Art Supplies, Vintage Style.

Hello everyone!

I'm back! I've finished university and am ready to go into the world of work, adult hood and pick up the blogging once again! Today's post combines two of my favourite things to do: vintage thrifting and crafting. During the final weeks of university I was very hands on with my project, taking over my Dad's dining room table with spray cans, materials, cotton bols and scrap store bits and bobs. It was full on, but worth it as no matter the grade, I'm proud and pleased with the work I produced. I even filmed it too, so keep your eyes peeled for a 'Making Of' video sometime soon.

With so much cutting, spraying, painting and Uhu gluing having been done, once I'd handed in, it was a real clear up operation to get the dining room back to normal, no uhu in sight. I'd ended up buying things specifically for my project, so when It came to packing away, there simply wasn't enough space in my current art supplies storage set up. With my flat move on the horizon, I'd been thinking about how I could store my art stuff going forward and had toyed with the idea of using a vintage suitcase, to keep everything all in one place.

Rokit in Covent Garden came to mind as I remember them having a luggage section, so I popped in to see what vintage treasures they had to hold. Unfortunately, when I got there it was pretty much only 80's and 90's sports bags, but I found my vintage treasure by rummaging to see what was behind everything else!

I pulled out an upright, open top document briefcase. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it gave me the perfect solution to my paper storage problems; any art student will appreciate that projects involve a million different types of papers, which need to be stored flat and in order for future use. This open top document case solved that conundrum.

Tan brown in colour, and a steal at £10, I snapped it right up. Telling the sales assistant what I was planning to do with it (She thought it was a cool arty idea) I always enjoy shopping at Rokit: it's got all the good stuff without it being too difficult to find, all with a thrifting feel.

So I popped what I'm dubbing my 'Paddington' case (After Paddington the bear) into my extra large bag for life and headed to Euston in the rain to take my new case home. Safe to say that its resistant in wet weathers! After getting it home, I gave it the obligatory vintage clean: antibacterial, cleaner and an air dry outside to rid it of its vintage store smell, whilst vintage isn't the worst smell in the world, no one wants it in their own home.

On to how I'm storing all my paper, offcuts, textured and card paper types; I'm as organised as organised gets, so, utilising some old coloured folders, I assigned each paper type and colour a file and filled the file up. Slowly tidying the dining room as I went. I left the case to dry outside, only for it to rain again, safe to say the case got a good washing!

Once the case was dry, I affixed the Rokit sticker on the inner pouch as a reminder of where I got it
from and proceeded to fill up the case with my labelled files, A3 folded papers and other bits and bobs such as envelopes, letter heads and writing cards.  I'm trying to keep track of where I buy my things from as part of my sustainable commitment to buy 70% second hand. Until now, I'd never thought of buying storage or home pieces from a second hand or vintage source.

With all my papers neatly aligned and my Dad's dining room paper free, I packed away all my other art supplies into the art cupboard, now that the paper had created some free space. I'm chuffed with how neat, tidy and accessible my art papers are now and how easy they'll be to move when I move house. Making do and mending with vintage was resourceful and brought some character to my art supplies, all whilst being environmentally and consumption conscious.

I'll definitely enjoy using my crafting papers more now that they're easy to find. Now I'm on the look out for a vintage suitcase to house the rest of my paints, brushes, stencils etc!  Using old luggage is so much more creative and visually exciting that a plain plastic box, let the search commence! 

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