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This week has been crazy busy. I start my new job on Monday, left my old one on Wednesday and currently don't have anywhere to live in London. Adam finished the major part of his masters degree and after 8 weeks apart I finally got to see him!

It's a simultaneously stressful and exciting time for the both of us, it's a big change for our Dads too, and I am very conscious of striking the balance between being excited, but also being aware that our dads may not share the same enthusiasm, we're moving away and that's hard for any decent parent, no matter how old your child is.

Fortunately for me, Dad took this week off, I actually delayed my start date so that I could spend some quality time with him before I move out. It's been great! We've been on lots of adventures, picnics and car journeys and I've also managed to catch up with old friends, up my eBay game and lose my Wagamamas virginity. It was fabulous.

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Monday was all about the Centre for Alternative Technology. We went about 15 years ago and all  I remember is being sick on their car park as soon as we arrived. Safe to say I travel a little better now and had a fantastic day in glorious sunshine, learning all about sustainable housing, energy and at one lifestyles. (You an read all about it here)


Tuesday was a down day; chilling and pottering about the house. I raided my wendy house, got a grip on my acrophobia and sorted shit out. I managed to turn years of toys and outdoor play stuff into cash via gumtree and the rest has gone to the charity shop. It's surprising how much stuff you have that you simply don't need.


Wednesday was my final day at H&M and to celebrate I took dad out for dinner to thank him for dropping me off and picking me up for work on multiple occasions for the past two years, legend! I wasn't as upset as I thought I would be, but it was a little weird to know that I wasn't going to be working for  good old Hennes anymore!


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Thursday saw us getting back in the car for an adventure, heading to the Malvern hills. 21 years we've lived nearby and shamefully, we've never been. We had a picnic in the car before going for the hike up the hills. It's stunning, totally beautiful and you an read more about it here.

After that I hopped over to Birmingham to meet my gorgeous friend Lorri for my first ever Wagamamas and a good old chin wag before I head back to London. Lorri can always put a smile on my face, her sense of humour is contagious and I always end up with a sore jaw from laughing and smiling so much after one of our catch up sessions. Everyone needs a Lorri in their life, I'm telling you.


Friday arrived and after running errands, standing in the post office queue for the third time this week and dropping old sheet music into Oxfam: I'd planned a day of sorting, tidying and packing. I ended up doing a little of those things, but a lot of banking. Banking is one of those this that you've got to be in the mood to sort out, otherwise you won't bother at all. So Friday was the day.
Being an adult comes with a lot of paperwork, googling and whining about how low interest rates are, blah, blah blah. After a few hours banking got sidelined because Adam arrived!

We spent the rest of the weekend chilling, planning and dismissing flats on right move! Ah, who said young love is dead!

So that was my week, I hope you guys had a good one!

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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