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I'm on the 8:03pm from Euston, London heading home for the weekend. I'm loving my new job, not so much loving the living situation: Central London hostel with 5 other humans, bunked up and on top of each other (Not literally, thank god.) But I'm two weeks in and feel like I'm getting the hang of city life. I've commuted for years, but I feel like I'm seeing a different side of the city now. The commuting, the walks through the city, the sights, smells and sighs of fellow commuters that are pissed off because they're so impatient they can't wait 3 minutes for a train, that's london for you.

I'm so looking forward to seeing my Dad. It's weird. My Dad and I are so close and with it being just us two back home in Birmingham, it's been a big change for the both of us, me being away. We speak multiple times a day and to some people that's weird, because they don't have the bond me and my Dad do, which is a shame.  My dad is super cool and I'd say I'm more like the parent and he's more like a teenager. He's chilled and we get on so well, he's the best. He also gives the very best dating advice and luckily, really likes Adam (again, thank God!)

I was chatting at work today about family relationships and how they change over time, as you grow up and life changes and I now totally get that. I'm now starting to appreciate him even more, now that he's not 10 metres away from me and I can't shout him from the comfort of the living room. I look forward to hanging out on the weekend and it's so refreshing to have a schedule that allows down time, even if right now I have to travel 100 miles for it. It's worth it.

That's been the biggest thing for me being away from home, not having physical contact with those I love and having to wait a week for a hug. It's the small emotional things I guess you don't think about until they're not there after all,  nothing beats a big hug from someone you love.

But this is the last week I'll be checking out of a hostel and heading back to Birmingham, next week Adam and I move into our new place and it'll be Dad travelling the 100 miles to come stay! People say that adult friendships are the most important; as our busy lives intertwine with work, adulating and all the other shite that comes along for the ride, but whilst I think that's so true, I think it's even truer for relationships with parents. For me probably more so, because it's just me and dad. Tag team for life!

as ever, just some rambling thoughts!

I'm so looking forward to the weekend, sleeping in my own bed, no American loudly snoring away and I can't wait for the biggest portion of my Dad's creamy mash potatoes known to man! I'm going to get comfy and get cracking preparing for next weeks move!

I hope you all have a great weekend,

Speak soon,

Clo :)

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