Life: Living In A Youth Hostel

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I write this little update post from my boiling hot room at Generator Hostel, London. The fan is blowing but there's nothing that can banish the smell of over warn shoes and 6 people and all their luggage. Nice.

This is my second week at the hostel, which is by far the cleanest in the city. I've started my new job which is very exciting (EEEEEKKKKKK!) Every day I'm learning something new and basically being like 'OMG as if this is a career!' I'm having a blast, I love love love it. I've been staying in a hostel as I can't commute doing a 9-5 from Birmingham, so bunking down was my only option whilst Adam and I look for a place in the house hunting monster that is London. Which is honestly harder said than done. It's stressful and very tedious!


We finally secured a flat that doesn't, I repeat doesn't look like gallium's lair earlier this week and will be moving very soon. After all this time, we're finally moving in together and actually using all the home stuff we've bought along the way. It's been a very trying and stressful time, but we're all sorted and very happy (and so excited we could both burst and make an Adam/ Chloe jam.)

Things are on the up! With my very sporadic schedule and being here there and everywhere, please bare with my whilst I get my shit together. I am managing to Instagram and Tweet pretty much daily, so head over there to keep up with my daily antics. But fingers crossed for July to be back to normal!

Thanks for all your support and patience,

Clo :)

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